Amazing Gift Skins

My internet is borked, but I was able to get inworld tonight and take a few pictures.  It is touch and go though, it goes out without warning and is running mega slow.  They are coming to fix it tomorrow, but I really wanted to take pictures of these skins, so I struggled through…for you.  ;p  

Cupcakes released a group gift version of their new Enchanted Skin line.  As usual, I did not recieve it.  *shakes fist at SL*  I get every spamming notice ever…but not group gifts.  sigh.  Anyway, I heard that there was a gift, thank goodness, and went in the notices to get it.  There is a 100L fee to join the Cupcakes group, but it is well worth it.  There are frequent gifts, sales and specials including lucky chairs with more Enchanted Skins for group members only. If you are a fan of neutral lips, this skin is for you!

The gift comes in about 5-6 different tones…I can’t remember exactly how many, but there is a tone for everyone.  I am showing it in Sepia, with a gift tank from Gigi Couture, jeans from caLLie cLine that are on sale for only 4L (this color only), and a fabulous necklace that Perion blogged earlier.  You must get it! 
Also, I am showing a group gift belt from *Coco*.  If you go and join the group, and wear your tag, there is a whole wall of group gifts you can grab!

Skin:  Cupcakes Enchanted Sepia Daisy  July Group Gift  100L Join Fee
Top:  Gigi Couture  *GC* White Tank  Free 
Belt:  *COCO* Group Gift Belt  Free 
Jeans:  caLLie cLine Jeans Floral wash sky blues  4L  
Necklace:  Isis Necklace Free Blue Free
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes 
Hair:  Truth Romy Caramel 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Slice of Summer Hunt Gift Summer Star Eyes Free 

Ooooo!  I just hopped in world because I forgot a landmark, as usual, and I got TP’d to the members only Cupcakes Lucky Board and won this fabulous skin!   Thanks, Addyson!   You rock!

Skin:  Cupcakes Lucky Board Skin Enchanted Sienna   Free
Hair:  Truth Romy Dawn


I also saw on another blog, I can’t remember which one now, sorry…that Lara Skins has a new free skin in the store! 

It is gorgeous, and has a unique tattoo below the eye.  I am a big fan of Lara Skins, my regular skin is the Devon skin by Lara. 
I normally wouldn’t wear a skin with a tattoo on the face, but I really like the way this one was done.   I also like the Asian feel to the eyes on this skin. 
The top I am wearing is the 3000 Member gift from Haven Designs, and according to the notice, you can still join and get it.  Also, Haven is having 50% off on selected items for the Blogger Friends Appreciation Sale.
The pants are a DSN gift from SLink, and the necklace is from the Twisted and Spoiled Lucky Chair.

Skin:  Lara Skins Adella  Free
Top:  Haven Designs 3000 Member Group Gift  Free 
Necklace:  Twisted and Spoiled Short Necklace w/cross Lucky Chair Prize  Free 
Pants:  SLink Buckle Pants Sky Blue DSN Gift  Free 
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Eyes:  Reale Eyes Vivid Blue 
Poses:  Desire 5L each or 30 for set


Just for fun, this Retro Pose TV with 2 poses is free at [LA].  How fun!

[LA] Model in a Television Retro – Gift   Free

  1. July 31, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Thanks so much for the information on the Cupcakes Group Gift as well as the new Lara skins freebie. I adore both and can’t wait to run out and grab them!

    I’ve added this blog to my blog roll and hope that you might add mine to yours. Thanks again and best wishes!

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