Dry Spell Broken?

I have been feeling uninspired, but then I saw a group gift skirt from the Plastik on the Free*Style blog this morning, and I knew I had to have it.  It got me back into a bit of a blogging mood, and I ended up taking pics of several things I had sitting in my inventory for a few days.  

Sometimes, there is such a glut of great gifts that I don’t know what to blog, then occasionally things sort of dry up.  Hopefully my uninspired dry spell is over.  Did anyone miss me?  ;p

This is the Plastik skirt.  It is an adorable micro denim mini.  I just love it, and one of the things I love about it the most, is that the prim skirt is in 2 pieces.  You can adjust the front and the back seperately, if you do “edit linked parts”.   With so many prim skirts…I get them looking right in the front, and then they are all wrong in the back.  If the creator makes it in two parts, it takes care of that problem!   /me loves!! 

I wanted to use these awesome knee socks from Miel, which you can get if you hit the subscribomatic, but I was having shoe issues.  Perion remembered seeing these awesome chucks from Magi Take on the feed, and it worked!   These sneakers are only 10L per pair, or you can get all the colors for only 45L! 

I finished it off with jewelry from Ticky Tacky for the Slice of Summer Hunt and hair I won this morning from the Junwave Lucky Chairs…these are member only.
The pose is from a free set at Isobeya

Skirt:  [plastik] SephiraDenim Skirt  Group Gift  Free  (Search The Plastik in Groups)
Sneakers:  Magi Take Chucker Sneaker Gray  10L  
Socks:   Miel Jane Flor Sock Light July Gift  (subscribomatic)   Free 
Tank:  Project Kiwi Tank Top Wine 
Hair:  Junwave Lucky Board Gold   Free 
Jewelry:  Ticky Tacky Juicy Bead Jewelry Set  Slice of Summer Hunt Gift  Free 
Pose:  Isobeya Off Day Poses  Free 


This amazing necklace is free from **PISA**. 
I knew I wanted to blog it, but didn’t have anything to wear it with.  Then I found out about this gorgeous gown from Bellissima! which is on sale for only 1L.  
The hair is a new freebie from Junwave.
The outfit on Jordan is the gift from ~Aria’s~ for the Just for the Guys Hunt.  Look for the fedora. 
While I was at ~Aria’s~ picking this up, I won a bunch of stuff on the Lucky Chairs.

Gown:  Bellissima! Bell Dark Enchantment Polished Pewter  1L 
Necklace:  **PISA** Pink Moonstone Diamond Necklace   Free  
(buy the box on the center display.  One is not set to buy, but the other is)
Hair:  Junwave Vivi Red Gift  Free 
Skin:  Tuli Hope Prototype 
Eyes:  Reale Eyes Vivid Blue 

Men’s Outfit:  ~Aria’s~ Lorien Elven Just For The Guys Hunt Gift  Free 
Hair:  Uncle Web Derick Black 
Skin:  Belleza Jonas 
Pose:  Long Awkward Pose The Tudors

Sigh.  The formatting is screwed up in this section and WordPress won’t let me fix it. 


I won both of these gowns on the Lucky Chairs at ~Aria’s~ when I was there looking for the Just for the Guys Hunt gift!

Gown:  ~Aria’s~ FaerieMeadow Gown Apricot  Lucky Chair Prize  Free 
Hair:  ETD Fair Auburn Blackened  (forgot to get url)

Gown:   ~Aria’s~ Llyra Gown Pink-Gold Lucky Chair Prize  Free
Hair:    White Well Hair 034 Brown  (tinted red)   1L 


I also won this female Elven outfit at ~Aria’s~.  The rosary necklace is from the Lucas Lameth Lucky Chair and is actually a men’s necklace, but it has a resize script so it was easy to get it down to a female size.  This is a beautiful piece!

Outfit:  ~Aria’s~ Lorien Brown Female Elven Outfit   Lucky Board Prize  Free
Necklace:  Luc Men’s Style Rosary, Brown  Lucky Chair Prize  Free
Boots:  Studio M’z Lace Up Boots Ivory  Slice of Summer Hunt Gift   Free 
Hair:  White Well Hair 034 Brown  1L   


Back to modern styles!  This cute cocktail dress is the most current group gift from a piece of candy
The necklace is a group gift from *Kotolier, and is in the group notices. 

Dress:  a piece of candy Gloria Teal July 23rd Group Gift Bag  Free 
Necklace:  *Kotolier Marie Necklace Group Gift  Free 
Hair:  White Well Hair 086 Cherry Lucky Board Prize  Free   

All poses by Long Awkward Pose unless otherwise credited. 

  1. Eve Swenholt
    July 26, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Luv your blog! Where did you get the cute bow pasties in the pic with the necklace?

  2. Bronson Twine
    July 26, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    That rosary is one of my favouite things. Wear it all the time.

  3. Tenshi
    July 26, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    That skirt is adorable but don’t do anything but stand in it! HOLY SHORT BATMAN!

  4. Gabby McCullough
    July 26, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    Ooo! I got comments! Yay!

    Tenshi…my buttcheeks were covered. ;p

    Bronson…can we wear them at the same time and be rosary twins?

    Eve…thanks for the compliment! I am glad you like the blog. 😀 The pasties are a subscribomatic gift from I ❤ Rien. You can get them here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Admicile2/13/15/29

    Thanks for reading, guys! ❤

  5. Pink
    July 27, 2009 at 1:18 am

    I cant seem to find the dress from a piece of candy :/ Can you tell me where I can find it the store… I looked everywhere and checked the sunscribo also.
    Great post btw 😀

  6. Eve Swenholt
    July 27, 2009 at 2:52 am

    Thanks so much for the slurl. The pasties are PERFECT! What a cute shop. Great Find!

  7. imaozgrl tucker
    July 27, 2009 at 5:55 am

    OK i got the skirt from plastik and yes its in two bits but everytime i go into edit to adjust it I end up moving both parts. Now having been playing sl for many years I should know what buttons to click so it either my viewer is nuts or I am. I can’t unlink it etc. please explain to me how you eidted it as separates ty it is great textures. Oh and I love your blog too 😛

  8. imaozgrl tucker
    July 27, 2009 at 6:00 am

    Oh don’t mind about my edit inquiry yeh it was my viewer playing up it worked when i used the old standard one yay!

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