Let’s face it: most days I just throw on whatever is at the top of my inventory. My inventory is sorted by date, so what’s on top is the stuff I bought a day or two before, making it pretty quick and convenient for a lazy slug like myself.

Once in a while, though, a mood will strike that will cause me to spend a significant
amount of time (and lindens) creating a certain look, whether it’s urban grunge or
formal or vintage or whatever. Likewise, once in a while a mood will strike that will
cause me to obsessively create a look that consists of many different pieces that match
each other to a point that borders on the obscene, always without a particular style in mind.
Today I had a combination of both of those moods… and I call that mood, “I should be shot.” 😐 This took wayyy too much time and shopping to throw together (I’m wearing three shirts for crying out loud!), but I can’t say that I don’t I like the results!
What I’m wearing:
Hair: Tukinowaguma, sumire 2 Black
Skin: ***Chaisuki***, elaine tea-biscuit sunkissed
Eyes: [ENDEAVOR] , Shiny eyes pro M 20
Manicure: Petit Ange,  *an*nail_wine_gloves
Necklace: Isis, Blue stone necklace (FREE!! In en Svale!!)
Bangles: Dark Mouse, Oriental Inspiration Bangles
Hat: mixx Ethnic, – part of Ethnic hat set
Sunglasses: wewiya, sunglasses Box Metal Oval
Tank (lower layer): MIEL, AM TULIP TANK – undie layer1  – VINO
Tank (top layer): CRASH, Plain Tank: Yellow – Shirt
Shirt: Worldwide Industries,  Tied Halter Top Blue
Skirt: **[sister strawberry] , ballon skirt yellow**
Shoes: *Kookie*, Sand Sandals –  Multi candy
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