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Tuli does it again

Tuli has an instore gift for VIP group members, “Hope” in eleventy billion shade/eyebrow options, this time with a subtle berry lip and a dramatic eye.  Tuli previously gave her group members the same skin in “natural” and I wear it 80% of the time.   Guess who just got a new favorite skin?   And as if I wasn’t feeling spoiled enough today, Gabby dropped this adorable puppy on me (she blogged it below).  I am never, ever, putting him down!  And then, to top it all off, Kungler’s new group gift is this adorable dress!   It’s a very good day to be a VIP.  Thank you everyone!

Dress and Jewelry – Kunglers Group Gift Jul20
Sweetie (puppy) – Pet Carrier with Animated Puppy Navy Stripes – Prim and Pixel Paradise
Skin – Tuli Hope (dark tan/br) – VIP Group Gift
Eyes – Blitz – Slice of Summer Hunt Gift, MJ + DADA
Boots – Lace Up Boots Ivory, Slice of Summer Hunt Gift, Studio Mz
Socks – Sn@tch Sweatsocks (grey) – Part of the current Sn@tch VIP Group Gift
Hair – Dernier Cri “Audrey” Brown Shades (not free)

(all three groups have a join fee, Kunglers $50, Tuli $250, and Sn@tch $300?)

  1. Perion Leominster
    July 22, 2009 at 7:53 am

    Er. I’m a Tuli VIP and I got nuthin’. What gives?


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