More Summery Goodness

There just isn’t time nor space to blog all the good stuff available!  Doesn’t stop me from trying though.  ;p   Macos Mall is a new shopping sim that has just opened and there are a ton of opening gifts there.   I am going to show a couple, plus some other random freebies I have picked up that made nice outfits.

This outfit is the opening gift from anuenue and comes with two different tank options. 
The hair is one of several freebies available at Redlic, and seemed to go very nicely.  This hair comes in 3 different hair/hat color combinations. 
When I was at Redlic, I noticed a sign that said “Next Freebie” so I hit the sign and it tp’d me to another store which also had freebies out, plus another “Next Freebie” sign.  I have no idea what this is system is called, but it is fun, and I got a lot of cute stuff, including the bracelets I am wearing in this pic. 
You need these flip flops from [ON].  There are about 10 colors and they are all free!

Outfit:  anuenue Sisters Long Skirt and Tank @ Macos Mall  Free 
Jewelry:  ::.Flugeln Brise.:: Onyx Set  Free 
Hair:  Redlic RxR605k White (3 colors)  Free 
Flip Flops:  [ON] Flip Flops Black  Free 


This dress is from Encemble and has actually been out for a while, for the Feed Your Head opening.  But when I got these leggings from Fishy Strawberry for the Macos opening, I thought they looked really cute together. 
The hair is another one of the Redlic freebies and seemed to complete the outfit nicely.  This hair is adorable, and has a little ponytail in the back.

Dress:  Encemble Alice Set Feed Your Head Opening Gift  Free 
Leggings:  Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake Leggings Fishnet Macos Mall Opening Gift  Free 
Hair:  Redlic #036stp *Heart  Free 
Flip Flops:  [ON] Flip Flops Nile  Free
Necklace:  Chaos Lotus Plain Silver Necklace 


This dress is the new Group Gift from Azul.  Look to your right for the group joiner, when you see the sign for the dress. 
When I was at White Well yesterday, I saw there were several dollarbie hairs near the Lucky Board.  This is one of them and I think it is just adorable!
The necklace is the Slice of Summer Gift from Fairy Tail and is texture and color change!  You need this!!

Dress:  AZUL Group Gift 0907  Free 
Necklace:  Fairy Tail Slice of Summer Gift Wood Choker Color Change   Free
Hair:  White Well Hair 034 Brown 1L 


This Puppy Carrier is animated and is only 100L.  It is a new release from Prim & Pixel Paradise.  It also has a gift option, where you can put in an avatar name and it will send it is a gift.
This skirt I saw this morning on Beanie Loves Japan.  It has the option of pricetags or no.  But the pricetags are flexi, so why would you wear it without?  ;p
The blouse is from MEB for the Macos Mall opening…I am wearing just the blouse to the Giselle outfit. 
The hair is another of the White Well dollarbies that I tinted red.

Bag:  Prim & Pixel Paradise Pet Carrier w/Animated Puppy Soldier 100L
Blouse:  MEB Giselle Shirt Only Macos Mall Opening Gift  Free 
Skirt:  DemiDemi Hip Skirt w/ Price Tags 52L  (when you land, walk straight for a bit, then look to the right)
Necklace:  Isis Cross B2 Female Nagasaki Gift  Free
Hair:  White Well Hair 017AD Brown (tinted Red)  1L 
Flip Flops:  [ON] Flip Flops Red Free  Free 
Knee BandAid:  Reek Bandaids Hearts 

Used Throughout: 
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Red 
Poses:  KS2Cool 
First 3 pictures taken at Perion’s land…isn’t she the best landscaper??

Please note:  if I say “Free” it may actually have been a dollarbie.  By the time I am done picking stuff up, I generally can’t remember.

  1. Perion Leominster
    July 22, 2009 at 7:56 am

    Nice pictures! 😛

    BTW, you can move my stuff around, if you need to. It might be interesting for me to rezz and find my trees in the ocean.

  2. July 23, 2009 at 12:59 am

    Nice blog with very nice pictures. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work.

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