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Last one… probably… *snort*

There are so many cute prizes in the Slice of Summer hunt that I started to feel bad about the ones I hadn’t featured.   So let’s go one more round. 

Those animals on my head and shoulder?  Yeah, they are animated.  That little pirate is shooting watermelons.  How much more perfect can it get?

That dress is layers upon layers of gorgeous, and those gears made the wanna-be Steampunk in me all squishy!  It’s been over 100 degrees in my neck of the woods for the better part of a week, adn I swear I cooled off just looking at that grotto.

Details (everything is from the Slice Of Summer Hunt)
Pic One
“Shaved Ice with Sweet Syrup” (it has a pose so you can hug it while you pig out) – Gift From Alles Klar
Chipmunk cannon watermelon and watermelon Hat – Gift From Risusipo Shop
Shoes – Summer Heels Pink – Gift From Sassy Kitty Designs
Top – Gather Bust Top Red – Gift From [Y.M.X.]
Pants – Lowrize denim green pants – Gift From ZettoN
Eyes – summer star eyes – Gift From Poetic Colors
Skin – Kiri Eskimo Summer – Gift From Medley
Earing (the hat knocked one off) hibiscus Earings red& white – Gift From [Y.M.X]
Dress – Purple Dress- Gift From Forbidden Apple
Hair – Medley Dollarbies

Pic Two
Lounges, grotto and umbrella – Shadow4Two – Gift From Perfect Prefabs
Dress – fumi Gset – Prize From Gallery Fumiwo
Shirt and Pants – Boyfriend’s Horse Sweatshirt and Sweat Pant – Gift From Project Kiwi
Eyes – Smoldering Gears Eyes – Gift From Sentou Yousei
Shoes – BF Denim Slip On – Gift From Sentou Yousei
Rest – Same as above

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