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Boots, Tattoos and Hair

All for free!  YAY!   Okay, the hair is 1L, but that is the same as free!

Studio M’z keeps putting the most fantastic boots in their Lucky Chairs.  Renee actually told me about the leopard print ones, and we stalked the chairs until we both won then.  She probably wants to stab me because I am blogging them.  ;p 

This hair is from the Medley sale, which you all really need to hit up.  Each color is only 1L!  We have no idea how long this sale will continue so you really need to hurry. 
The A.Y.Y.  jeans I have blogged previously, and if you haven’t gotten them, please do so!  They rock.  They are my new favorite jeans. 

Boots:  Studio M’z Laceup Middle Boots Black  Lucky Chair Prize Free 
Hair:  Medley Jaia Red 1L 
Jeans:   A.Y.Y. Vigoss Jeans Heavy Blue 1L  
Top:  Cupcakes V Neck Top Leopard 
Bangle:  Love Chic Gold Bangle Bracelet  (no longer available)


I saw a notice go out about a Midnight Mania for a tattoo and headed down.  There only need to be 100 hits on this, and when it locked down, the gift was sent, which means the board is open again. 

You can win this beautiful full body flower tatto from EtchaFlesh
The hair is from the White Well Lucky board, and is really sexy!  I won this tonight also, and this hair and the tattoo seemed made for each other. 

Tattoo:  EtchaFlesh Maybe Someday Midnight Mania Prize  Free 
Hair:  White Well 086 Cherry Lucky Board Prize  Free 
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Smoky 
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid Black 
Pose:  Deeposed Down on my Knees  


While you are in the store hitting the Midnight Mania, be sure and pick up this Free tattoo also. 

Tattoo:  EtchaFlesh Freebie Downward Spiral Free 
Pose:  Deeposed Lady of Spain 


And since I seemed to be doing sexy as a theme ;p, I decided to show you these silks from Haven Designs that I got as a DSN gift.  They are just gorgeous.  If you haven’t signed up for DSN yet, you need a good spanking. 

Silks:  Haven Design Qadesh Silks DSN Gift  Free 
Poses:  Mela’s and Pretzel*Poses  

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