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It’s summer somewhere, right?

We finally had some sunny weather here in the North East US.  Of course, not today…it being Saturday and all.  *grumbles*  But here is some summery stuff, for those of you actually having a summer!
Some of these pics have been waiting a few days to be blogged.  The Hunts the last couple days have put me off my schedule. 

These cute tintable bikinis were the most recent group gift from PixelDolls.  You can make these bikinis any color you want, and they come in an untied option, which I just love!   Very sexy!
It is definitely worth hitting the PixelDolls subscribo.  They send very nice gifts, and often!  
The hair on the right is a new store opening gift from W&Y, which I tinted red. 
The watermelon shoes on the right are from Heart & Sole and are the Slice of Summer gift, which Renee also blogged below. 
This pose is a gift at the Pure Angel location of **taisaya**.   There are lots of gift out for the opening of this new shopping sim. 

Untied bikini:  PixelDolls Tintable Bikini Untied  Free
Hair:  W&Y Hair 93 Type A Black 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Star Eyes Slice of Summer Hunt  Free
Shoes:  YourSkin&YourShape Flip Flops Group Gift   (no longer in group notices)
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha  

Tied Bikini:  PixelDolls Tintable Bikini Tied  Free
Shoes:  Watermelon by Heart & Sole Slice of Summer Hunt Gift   Free
Hair:  W&Y Hair Mauloa Open Gift Tinted Red   Free
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Red  
Pose:  **taisaya** Free Cute Girls Posing – 01   Free


When I was exploring the Pure Angel sim, I came across a store called Rily, which I had never heard of, but they have some adorable dresses, and the prices are so reasonable. 
The blue Flower Tank Top dress was only 80L, and comes in all sorts of colors.
While I was there, I noticed they had a LM to a Dollarbie Shop and headed over, where I got the cream colored Flower Garden dress.  There are tons of little dresses there for 1L each.  Most are very girly and not exactly my style, but it is worth checking out. 

Dress 1:  Rily Flower TankTopDress Blue Set 80L 
Necklace:  .:DbNR:. Teardrop Gems Necklace 10L 

Dress 2:  Rily Dollarbie Shop Flower Garden G Dress  1L
Necklace:  Earthstones Beaded Necklace Moldavite/Gold Gift  (not sure if still available) 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Star Eyes Slice of Summer Hunt  Free
Skin:    Lara Skins Devon Red  
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Poses:  Striking Poses Dollarbie Poses 1L


Doppelganger Inc just released some new ruffled Boardwalk Bikinis and very kindly dropped the fatpack on me!  Thank you!!  These are just adorable and have optional ruffles at the bust line and on the butt.   For 150L you get 3 colors, available in the 3 patterns shown, Plaid, Polkas and Stripes.   I really like the retro feel to these, and the colors are just yummy!

Bikinis:  Doppelganger Inc Boardwalk Bikinis Blue Plaid, Polkas Fuschia and Striped Navy  150 for 3 color sets
Bracelets:  Pretties by JB Moxie Hues of Blue and Hues of Passion  
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Poses:  Striking Poses Dollarbie Poses  1L


Like the rest of the grid, I hit up the Aoharu sale this week.  I had to have the short denim jacket.  HAD. TO.  Actually, I have wanted it for a while, and a half price sale was the perfect excuse!
And you know me, I put this together with a couple dollarbies.  The skin is a current group gift in the Lazolli Group.  You can join by searching Loring Halsey’s profile in world. 
This necklace was another find from the Pure Angel sim.  There are several dollarbie necklaces in the shop, so it is also worth checking out. 
The eyes, as you can see from the fact that I used them in all these pictures, are my new favorites.  They are from Poetic Colors, and are the Slice of Summer Hunt gift.  They rock! 

Dress:  Aoharu BT BrightGRadationDress White/Red
Jacket:  Aoharu BT Short Jean Jacket Blue
Necklace:  10ctJewelry nec1010  1L  
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Star Eyes Slice of Summer Hunt  Free
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes
Skin:  Lazolli Jade Skin 01A(extra) Join group, check notices  (search for Loring Halsey’s Profile)  Free
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Burgundy

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