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Cutey Gives Good Hunt

Cutey Magic has done it again.  The Slice of Summer gridwide hunt started at midnight last night, and the prizes and retailers involved are spectacular.   I looked at the the list on the website, and freaked out a little.  I mean, it was midnight, and I had to go to sleep eventually.  😛  As it was, I only stayed up half the night, and did half the hunt… and in that half, I found the most amazing prizes!

You are looking for watermelons, and all but a few that I saw were quite large and easy to find.  There are at least 116 stores (Sister Strawberry seemed to be the end).  Good Luck!


Picture One
Gift From Cuppy Cake “Slice of Summer Outift” – Jacket, Hair, Shorts, and shoes
Gift From Towa  “Bikini Top”
Gift From [DIAPOP] Jeans Pink and Oh:noo Silver
Gift From UR Dogs “Dodo Pierced Earrings, Duchess Bracelett and Jingle Jangle Heart Necklace
Gift From Studio M’z “B.H. Ivory Lace Up” boots
Gift From Vixen “Rowan” (all colors) in Blackmail

Picture Two
Gift From Pink Fuel – “Watermelon Bat” shoulder pet (OMG He’s SO CUTE)

Picture Three
Gift From Twisted and Spoiled “Slice of Summer Dress” and Necklace
Gift From Heart and Sole “Watermelon” Shoes
Gift From MJ+DADA “Blitz – Slice of Summer A Green Eyes
Gift From Rosy Mood “Melon Flower Hat Hair
Gift From Umi Usagi “Koropokkur Chair”

Picture Four
Gift From Likka House “Mama’s Rose Black”
Gift From C’est la vie “check tankdress red*green”
Gift From Waka and Yuki “Slice of Summer Hant”
Gift from Sentou Yousei “Denim Slip Ons”
Gift From Lo *momo* “sos prize”

Skins throughout  (not hunt prizes)
Atomic Skin “Honey” “Cake Face” VIP Gift
Rockberry Uma Previous Group Gift “Tan”
Other Hair worn (not free)
Truth “Charlotte” and “Esme”  in mahogany

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