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The Reale Update Group just sent out a new group gift.  It is the adorable pink Cristallina dress shown below.  I love Reale, for both clothing and eyes, so I decided to do a blog focusing on Reale. 
I love their clothing…they do mostly dresses and they are all fabulously textured and lovely designs, and their prices are so reasonable!   The dresses are all 200L or under! 
I have worn their eyes for ages, originally a set of eyes that were a group gift, and then ones I bought, because their eyes are also so reasonably priced…only 80L a pair.  And they are just gorgeous!

The pink dress is the current group gift.  You need to go to the store to join, just hit the group joiner sign to the right of the entry way, then check the notices.  This dress is so lovely, a classic and beautiful design with awesome textures.  The bow is prim and optional.  And the hemline is so delicate, I just love it!   

The white dress, called Petit Pois, is only 200L and is so incredibly well made.  The sash comes in different sizes so I didn’t need to mess with stretching!  I love the detail on the hem.  Reale pays such close attention to those sorts of details.  All the dresses I am showing are available in other colors, including the group gift Cristallina dress.

Dress:  Reale Cristallina Dress Pink Group Gift (join at store)  Free 
Necklace:  CCD Pure Butterfly 
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody Pinup Pump Patent Black 
Eyes:  Reale Vivid Eyes enhanced Blue
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Red 
Hair:  Truth Twiggy Night 

Dress:  Reale Petit Pois Dress Pearl  200L 
Necklace:  Cailyn’s Heart Necklace Diamond 
Eyes:  Reale Vivid Eyes enhanced Dark Blue
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Sangria 
Skin:  Tuli Hope Sunkissed Summer 


I would be hard pressed to say which of these dresses is my favorite, but this one, the Sianita Dress, I just adore for summer.   Again, such close attention to details, with the adorable rick rack trim along the bodice and at  the hem, and the prim shoulder bows.  This dress is available in many other pattern combinations, I loved all of them, but settled on the Denim/Lilac. 

Dress:  Reale Sianita Dress Denim/Lilac 200L 
Bracelet:  YourSkin&YourShape Freebie Wooden Bracelet  Free 
 Eyes:  Reale Eyes Vivid Eyes Violet Blue
Hair:  Truth Romy Copper 
Skin:  Lara Skins Aida  Free 


This dress is one I have actually had in my inventory for a while.  It is great for going to a party or a club, and matched my new Stiletto Moody d’Orsay pumps just perfectly!   I love the sheer skirt with the sparkly hem trimming on this dress.  Very festive for a party…or pick it up now and save it for New Year’s!   Also available in an array of other colors!

Dress:  Reale Paete Dress Dark Red 160L 
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody d’Orsay Badseed and Black  
Eyes:  Reale Vivid Eyes Light Green
Hair:  Truth Sophia Night 
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Red 

Eye Close Up:  Reale Eyes Vivid Light Green, Blue, Brown and Dark Blue  80L per pair

Poses:  Juicy Summer Lovin’ Hunt Prize Free 
and Juicy Posing Heart (previous gift)


And yes, I shouldn’t be here blogging, so I deserve an ass kicking.  ;p  But I wasn’t freebie shopping!  This dress came to me!

  1. Renee Harvey
    July 14, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    I’m glad you did cuz I need that dress. And I can’t blog this week either. I’m reading this on mah phone 🙂

  2. Perion Leominster
    July 14, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    What’s up with THAT, R? Did you get a real life, or something?

  3. Renee Harvy
    July 15, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    I was getting my surgery did. But all is well thanks to Vicodin!

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