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Dresses, Shoes and Sales!

And both on sale?  What could be better?  Chocolate shoes, maybe. 

This first dress is actually a special for the new Cover Girl Store Opening.  It is only 10L and it is so adorable.  This is actually another one of Perion’s finds.  I didn’t know Cover Girl had moved! 

The shoes….*dreamy sigh*   They were on sale but definitely not cheap.  They are Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid and I got them at the 40% off Members Sale.  I adore them.  They have a really fabulous skin matching system also, and I had no trouble with it.  That is always my beef with prim toe shoes…I can never match the skin, but these…easy!   I never want to take them off…

And as a side note, during the sale, you have to wear your Stiletto Moody tag to get the discount.  I tried to get into the sale over and over, and by the time I finally made it, I had forgotten about the tag thing.  I bought a pair of boots and THEN remembered.  /stabs self  
I IM’d one of the customer service people and explained…and she was actually able to get me a refund.  And I am sure it wasn’t easy…the money had to come from Stiletto.  That there is good customer service!

Dress:  Cover Girl Black Dress #3  10L 
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid Black  
Earrings:  Beloved Jewelry Glamour Earring Gold  1L 
Necklace:  Beloved Jewelry Glamour Necklace Gold  1L 
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Skin:  Lara Skins Aida  Free
Eyes:  Exodi Vetro Eyes Blue 

Moving on to sales…

Pink Outfitters is having a 50L sale.  I got a couple very nice things.  The Sheer Chiffon blouse is one of my favorites…it was given as a subscribo gift in green previously.  It is so cute and girly, and because it is sheer it is also very sexy.  Hmm…maybe I need the fatpack.  ;p

Dress:  [Pink] The Dreamer Party Dress Mosaic Pink  50L 
Bracelets:  Pretties by JB Moxie Hues of Rose Bangles 
Hair:  Truth Twiggy Night 

Blouse:  [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse Black  50L
Bangles:  Ticky Tacky Crazy Lady Bangles Make Me Swoon  Free (Wonderland Hunt)  
Hair:  ETD Jackie Black
Skin:  Tuli Hope Dark Tan Kitten 
Poses:  Striking Poses Dollarbie Poses  1L each

And now shooooessss!

50 Flats has a special box of 4 flats for only 50L.  The box is right near the lucky boards.  There is also another box with 3 pairs of free flats, that I had previously blogged.

You get all four pair of these cute summer flats for only 50L!

50 Flats Summer Pack 50L for 4 Pair 


The pair on the top are by Eva for the Dominion Golden Apple Hunt.  I love Eva’s boots and these are just adorable, I love the red bow detail.
And if you haven’t stopped by Duh! to get the dollarbies, you really need to.  These Blue Work Boots are so awesome, and have a resize script, like all Duh! shoes and boots!  I don’t know how Renee does it, such great work for so cheap!

Eva Bella Bow Chinese Red Boots Dominion Golden Apple Hunt Prize  Free  (look for small gold apple behind the demos)
Duh! Blue Leather Workboots  1L


More shoes!
The red pair are the SKGShoes weekly 5L offer. 
And the clogs are the other dollarbie available at Duh!  All the other shoes are 25L and under at Duh! so you must stop by if you haven’t!

SKGShoes Zoe Pump Bright Red  5L  
Duh! Slip on Clogs Berry  1L

Just to let you all know…I am going to be scarce for the next week.  I am working on getting my house ready to sell and can’t be spending a lot of time blogging.  And if you see me blogging or freebie hunting in SL, feel free to kick my ass.  ;p


  1. Renee Harvy
    July 13, 2009 at 8:04 pm


  2. July 15, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    I love 50 Flats. I recently opened a pair with prim strawberries on the toe, and those strawberries were so well-made that I dreamt about them. Corny, I know.

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