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Ode to Gabz.

The girls and I agreed that it might be fun for each of us to create a blog post based on another’s style.  Lucky for me, I was assigned to emulate Gabby. ❤

It often happens that I will see many beautiful, well-designed styles when shopping and, although they may not be of my taste, I immediately think, “That’s so Gabby.” Or Hallie. Or Renee. I can confidently say, based on random IMs I’ve received in the past, that all three of them do the same exact thing.

I also think it would be safe to say that Gabby’s style is the most liberal of the four of us (judging from her posts, I’m sure you can surmise that she’s about the quality, first and foremost!), but her tastes do tend to lean towards the sexier designs.

Exhibit A:

This gown is lovely. Gabby would look stunning in it. On me? Not so much. 😐 

The skirt moves gracefully and smoothly, a feature that Gabby would immediately notice and appreciate, while I tend to be a bit ignorant about such things. Ask me to terraform a river and I’ll spend six hours perfecting it; ask me my opinion the skin texturing of a nose and I have nothing to offer.

We all have our strengths. And Gabby can critique a nose with the best of ‘em. 

Hair:  W&Y Hair 37 *Type A*

Skin:  (*FreeSpeerit*) Skin – Kimberly (Glamour)

Gown:  Liberte Fashion – Moulin Rouge Dress, Black

Jewelry:  Aluinn – Belly Chain Jewely set (sans belly chain), diamonds and silver

Shoes:  Storm Schmooz  – Opinelle White

Note the skin. I would have never found Free Speerit if it hadn’t been for Gabby. Great noses, yo!

I didn’t intentionally make this next outfit entirely black but I suppose there’s no escaping our own preferences when trying to replicate another’s style. I wear a lot of black. Gabby wears a lot of color. But the style is certainly hers, so I deserve points for that at least. 😐


Hair:  ETD – Jackie, Cinnamon Burnt (*the* quintessential Gabby hair!)
Skin:  -Belleza- Belle Tan Smokey Mocha
Eyes:  Yukis Real Eyes – Reflected Eyes, Black Sepia
Shirt:  Y7 – Nina, Plain Black
Skirt:  The Drawmachine – Mini01
Shoes:  R2 – “Mahealani” Black&Red
Necklace/Earrings:  Eolande’s – Butterfly Charmer Jewelry – gold
Rings:  :+*R*+: La Campanella Rings

Gabby seems to prefer understated jewelry… simple yet pretty. Notice the two rings on one hand — I love that! I’m sure she would, too. If that’s the case, Gabs, help yourself to the slurl and go get yourself one. You deserve it, after all. No, really.

Also worth noting is that Gabby can totally appreciate as well as rock a good pair of stilettos, such as the ones in the above picture. And, again, I don’t as much. *sigh*

While it was fun walking around as Gabby for a little while, I was glad to return to my own look, with a message to my girls hanging from my mouth. :p


Hair: Exile – Faith, greystone

Skin:  [ROCKBERRY] – Uma A tan

Eyes: []::Tuli::[] – Black Rose eyes

Amplify “I love you” mouth hanger



  1. Gabby McCullough
    July 10, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Awww!! I love it! You do me WAY better than me. 😐

    And I love love love that skirt from Drawmachine! MUST. HAVE.

    I love you, too. *sniffles*

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