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I log in this morning and Gabby says…

“Crimson Shadow is closing, everything is 50L”. 

After I caught my breath, I paid a visit to the Rezzable website and confirmed the news.  Crimson Shadow, Carnival of Doom and Tunnel of Light are all closing this month. 

I don’t know what else to say.  These are some of most creative and interesting “dark” builds in Second Life.  Pay them a visit while you still can, and while you’re at Crimson, check out Tox1c’s work on these amazing wings.  They drip blood and quote Byron (though you can turn both features off, but who would?). 

Body Suit – Victoria by Draconic
Wings – Shattered Seraph Crimson Wings
(Both 50L at Crimson Shadow)
Hair – Vixen – Besom – Spice Tipped Black (previous freebie) now $275L
Shoes – Duh! Big Buckled Boot Deep Red – 20L
Skin – Violent Seduction – Coagulate Skin (House of Munster group gift – 50L join fee)
Pasties (cuz that top is SEE THROUGH folks), I<3 Rien Ribbon Pasties (subscribo gift)
Earings – *R* Meringue Pierced Earrings (previous hunt gift at Retrology)
Choker – 09 cabochon (black) – edge grafica – 1L

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