Modern and Edgy

You will have to excuse me for excessive blogging, but I need to get all the Hair Fair stuff in before the Hair Fair ends!  And since I couldn’t get into the hair fair for the first 3-4 days, I am a little behind.  Plus, there is some other cool stuff I wanna show you.  I probably won’t be blogging this weekend though, so you will have a break from me.  ;p

This complete outfit is the Twisted and Spoiled Hair Fair gift…it includes the shoes and the necklace.  The hair is a Dark Mouse Hair Fair Gift and the Cherry earrings are by Primalot.  The skin is by Rockberry and is the Cinderella Lost Slipper Hunt Gift, and comes in 4 tones. 

Outfit:  Twisted and Spoiled Hair Fair 09 Freebie Cherry Dress, Shoes and Necklace  Free
Hair:  Dark Mouse Hair Fair Gift Bozena Pale Blonde  Free
Skin:  Rockberry Cinderella Hunt Gift Megan Tan  Free 
Earrings:  Primalot Cherrish Earrings  Free 


This cute white dress I picked up when I was at Anuenue earlier. 
The sexy purple top is the latest group gift from Pixeldolls.  If you aren’t a member, be sure to join!

Dress:  Anuenue 1st Anniversary Dress Free 
Hair:  Dernier Cri Janelle (not Free) 

Top:  Pixeldolls Atlantis Violet Group Gift  Free 
Skirt:  Apple May Exquisite Skirt only 
Hair:  Damselfly Hair Fair Gift River Russet Glow  Free (men’s hair, but cute on the ladies, has a resize script!)
Necklace:  Eoland’s Love Knot Necklace Starlust A’La Mode Gift   Free
Bracelet:  Caroline’s Love Bracelet Starlust A’La Mode Gift  Free

The outfit on the left is from a shop called Versteck that Perion told me about.  This outfit is so versatile and well done.  It comes with several different tops, and the tattoos.  The skirt will be a great mix and match piece!  Thanks, P!!
The dress on the right is from GG’s Boutique and there are a bunch of freebies on a pole in front of you as you walk in.  Some for men also.

Outfit and Tattoos:  Versteck Wasp Outfit Free 
Hair:  Damselfly Hair Fair Gift River Manic  Free   (men’s hair, but cute on the ladies, has a resize script!)
Necklace:  Edge Grafica 09 Choker  Free
Bracelet:  Pretties by JB Moxie Hues of Passion DSN Gift  Free 

Dress:  GG’s Matinee Dress Rust  Free 
Hair:  Dernier Cri Half Up Bun (all shades) Hair Fair Gift Free
Jewelry:  Primalot Logo Necklace and Bracelet  Free  
Earrings:  Primalot Metallic Bamboo Gold Free
Skin in all but DV8 and Twisted and Spoiled pics:  Tuli Hope
Poses in all except DV8 Pics:  Ks2cool Cinderella Hunt Poses  Free

And now for the Edgy…..  ;p

This entire outfit is available for 1L at the Hair Fair from DV8.   I don’t wear neko a lot but all of this is so well done, and this is an amazing dollarbie, and includes outfits for men (on the left) and ladies (on the right, except for the stockings).  The hair is one of the Hair Fair gifts from Exile, and the skin is from the Atomic Lucky Chair.

Skin:  [Atomic] Fskin Lucky Chair Sunkissed  Free 
Pants and Top:  +DV8+ Praxis Set – Aquanaught Guys Hair Fair Gift 1L for All  (both outfits, boots and neko parts!) 
Skirt and Top:  +DV8+ Collision Set – Aquanaught Stripe  Hair Fair Gift
Boots:  +DV8+ Rivet Kitteh Boots  – Black/Aquanaught   Hair Fair Gift
Kitteh parts:  +DV8+ Rivet Kitteh Ears and Tail   Hair Fair Gift
Hair:  Exile Hair Fair Gift Rayne Blackgold Free 
Eyes:  KAO Free Eyes Purple  Free
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose Free Poses

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