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Group lovin’ from the Mausoleum

The Stringer Mausoleum sent out a fabulous group gift today to subscribers!  The adorable ghost shirt is from Helena’s new clothing line, and the hair is a cute, shaggy, tipped style called Verve.  The gift also comes with some really nice decorated jeans, on two layers, but I wanted to show you my new favorite shorts from the A.Y.Y. hunt.  Kailiana hid 10 little hearts in the store for us to find (and only one of them was REALLY evil), and each contains a fabulous dollarbie!  The belt and necklace are prezzies from the Designer’s Showcase, and I know I’m like a broken record, but JOIN THIS already.  (there’s a kiosk in my store if you can’t find it anywhere else).  It’s free, and it’s fantastic.   Last but not least is the unbelievable gift behind me (and under me, and over me) from Kosh.  This weeks’ dollarbie is the “Skybox Grafitti”   Not only is the skybox fantastic, it comes with a pretty good supply of furniture, including a couch and bed! 

Hair and shirt – Stringer Mausoleum group gift
Skin – Tuli Hope (previous gift) Now $1000L here
Shorts – A.Y.Y. Railroad Sailor Shorts Dark Slate Gray (Hunt Gift #9) $1L
Belt – Hucci Diva Belt – DSN
Shoes – Duh! Green Leather Work Boots $25L
Necklace – Shine Enchanted Necklace *teal* DSN
Poses – On the Cover “Juno” and Glitterati – Tightrope

Background – Kosh Dollarbie Skybox Grafitti (New York)

  1. July 3, 2009 at 2:38 am

    I am happy you enjoyed the belt.

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