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A little bit of Hair Fair, some Sn@tch and Moar!

I haven’t completed the Hair Fair yet.  By the time I get done with one section, I have had it and want to hurl from the lag.  It makes me seasick.  😐  But I have picked up a few things, and am going to show you some of what I thought was nice for freebies.

Also, this morning, I put out a call to the Lucky Chair Stalkers Group, asking for them to come and mob the Riot Vend at Sn@tch with me, because I wanted the gown in it badly!  And people came!!  YAY!  Thank you to everyone who came…I really appreciate it!  

This is this week’s Riot Vend prize from Sn@tch, the Beauty of Poison Gown in Black.  It is really lovely and such a bargain at 50L! 
The hair is a Hair Fair gift from Ingenue, and if you like retro styles, this is a great one!  Very 1940’s and sleek and sophisticated.
Primalot just sent a notice and has released quite a few new freebies!  Definitely worth a trip down to check them out.  Primalot makes really high quality items and the free items are really wonderful pieces!

Gown:  Sn@tch Beauty of Poison Black Riot Vend Prize 50L 
Hair:  Ingenue Hair Fair Gift Torch Song Updo Red  Free
Jewelry:  Primalot Freebie Pearl Mother of Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings  Free
Eyes:  Exodi Vetro Eyes Blue 50% off sale 150L for 8 colors (they are transfer, btw)
Skin:  Tuli Hope Blogger Prototype 
Poses:  Pretzel Poses


The hair, eyes, poses and sneakers in this pic are free from the Hair Fair. 
The skirt is the June Group gift from Jazmyn and is adorable! 
The tshirt is the Cinderella Lost Slipper prize from Cheap Love Song

Hair:  Raspberry Aristocrat Chai Anxiety Hair @ Hair Fair   Free
Sneakers:  Truth Hair Fair Hi Tops  in Hair Fair North West  Free
Tshirt:  Cheap Love Song Cinderella Lost Slipper Hunt Prize Star Tee Free
Skirt:  Jazmyn June Update Gift Subscribo Dark Denim Skirt Free
Eyes:  Philotic Energy Girl Hair Sample HF 2009 Eyes Meadow Free
Knee Bandaids:  Reek Bandaids Stripes 
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha
Poses: Mela Hair Fair Gifts Free


This cute top is a new freebie by a store called Butterfly Effect.  It comes with a pair of shorts, not shown.
The capris are the most recent subscribo gift from G Field and you can get them from the history.  They come with either black or white flowers on them.  Very Cute!
The hair and eyes are from the Hair Fair.

Top:  Butterfly Effect Casual Summer Top  Free
Capris:  G Field UpdateGroupSummer Gift Capri with Hibiscus Free 
Eye:  [Curio] Rita Eyes Purple Hair Fair Gift Free
Hair:  Here Come Trouble Mally Deep Red Hair Fair Gift   Free
Necklace:  [chuculet] ava FabFree Jewelry Gift Silver  Free
Bracelet:  Fresh Baked Goods Checkerboard Gem Cookie Cuff  Retrology Hunt Prize (hunt is over)  Free
Pose:  Striking Poses Katy Perry Pose 1L 


Attitudes has a cute pack of lingerie and bikinis for free for their Summer 09 Gift.  The pose in the first pic is by Mela for the Hair Fair and I think is super sexy!

Lingerie pic 1:  Attitudes Summer 09 Freebies Black Lace Bra and Thong  Free
Lingerie pic 2:  Attitudes Summer 09 Freebies Rose Satin Bra and Thong  Free
Eyes:  [Curio] Rita Eyes Purple Hair Fair Gift  Free
Hair:  Here Come Trouble Mally Cappacino Hair Fair Gift  Free
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha
Poses pic 1: Mela Hair Fair Gifts Free
Poses pic 2:  Long Awkward Pose Free Poses


And finally…I won this cute dress on the Elate Lucky Chair the other day.  I paired it with some more of the Primalot Free Jewelry. 

Dress:  Elate Eve Blush Lucky Chair Prize  Free
Earrings:  Primalot FIS Faberge inspired Studs Silver Free
Bracelet:  Primalot Antique Silver Treasure Bracelet  Free
Necklace:  Primalot Dollarbie Best Friends Tight Necklace  1L
Hair:  Novocaine Claudette V2 Licorice 50L sale 
Eyes:  Exodi Vetro Eyes Blue 50% off sale 150L  for 8 colors (transferrable)
Skin:  Tuli Hope Blogger Prototype 
Poses:   Pretzel Poses

Note:  I put most everything as Free, but some items might have been 1L.  I just couldn’t keep track after a while.  ;p

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