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In case you hadn’t heard, Second Life is 6 Years Old

I’ve been to the SL6B build a few times just to see how SL is celebrating, and to tell you the truth, I found it mostly laggy and confusing.  There are some pretty sweet exhibits though, probably best observed on a weekday morning.  However, there’s one you need to see ASAP, and that’s the Baiastice/Digit Darkes “Future of Virtual Fashion” booth.  In addition to the hair and prim eyes I saw on the FreeStyle blog this morning, there is the best darn 1 ARC avatar EVER.  This will be my standard hair fair get-up from now on.


After you gather all the hair, eyes and skin goodies from the booth, fly up, cuz there’s more to be found.  Hidden in these little asteroids (?) and at least one of the planets, are gifts.  Your job?  To click them all without losing your mind.   Note, the arrows are just to show you which little poorly rendered prims I’m talking about (SL6B KILLED my graphics card).  They aren’t the actual prize asteroids… I’m not that clever or that kind :p

If you click your little heart out, you’ll be richly rewarded!   The bikini (which is just gorgeous and full of prim attachments), shoes, and both dresses were amongst the things I found. 


Not Free:
Hair – Truth Isabella – Mahogany
Skin – Tuli Hope
The Future of Virtual Fashion hunt can be found here

  1. September 19, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    thanks for posting articles with cool SL sims!!! i can’t wait to see more. i love to explore with friends.

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