RUN to Retrology!

UPDATE:  The Lya Heart is still there as of 3:15 SLT, 6/23, so if you haven’t gotten it…you can still go!  I didn’t check the others, but it is worth a try!

 There is a Father’s Day Hunt going on, that apparently only lasts until the end of the day, which I assume means midnight SLT…which gives you about 8 hours to get your butts over there.  Here are a few of the things I really liked.  The UBU Sneakers and the Lya boots are MUST HAVES!!

I am trying to get this up in record time, so I am not going to say anything else…just picks and SLurls.  Quick and dirty.  Gooooooooo!!!!!11ELEVEN!!!!

UBU Sneakers – inside the storage unit, inside a crate, in the shoebox
Lya Boots –  Pink Heart on the roof of the building

Blacklace Lingerie –

HTDJ!  at
Punch Drunk at

Elate Tank  – heart in the red plant
U&R DOGS Earrings at
Flirt Belly Rings – on the poster on the wall





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