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Last one… (for now)

I really couldn’t properly finish my attempt at a gothic look without showing an outfit from Blue Blood and hair from the Stringer Mausoleum.   If  you haven’t been to the Mausoleum lately, you need to pay a visit!  The Mausoleum, along with C&D Designs (absolutely awesome furniture… some of the best modern pieces I have seen in SL), have a brand new sim here that deserves a look-see.  I flew around for awhile before I found the entrance so I’m showing it to you!   The hair is my favorite from Helena, “Spikey Space Punk” and the dress is a current cheapie at Blue Blood in their “former lucky chair” gift section, called “Sexy Maid”.   The skin is also from Blue Blood and is called “Broken Doll” and the eyes are one of my favorite Miriel creations, “Anime Eyes Silver”.  

Eyes – Miriel Anime Eyes – Silver (I hope you bought a ton while you could)
Hair – TSM Spikey Space Punk – Mahogany Tipped – 200L
Earings – (Silver Wheel) Crime and Punishment – From the Twisted Hunt (over)
Choker – Absentia Pleasure is Pain – From the Twisted Hunt (over)
Shoes – Duh! Black and White Bow Pumps
Skin – Blue Blood – Broken Doll Skin 10L
Dress/Stockings/Hat/Gloves – Blue Blood “Sexy Maid” 50L
Pose – Cynide “Cover” & “On the Floor” from the Twisted Hunt (over)

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