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Great Hair from Truth for the Hair Fair!

The Hair Fair has started!  I am sure it is lagorific, but I haven’t been able to get in yet.  ;p  Luckily, Truth very kindly let me have a preview of his new hair for the Hair Fair…and OMG…are they gorgeous!!   I am totally in love with all 4 of these styles!  Truth has outdone himself.    Thanks so much, Truth!!  ❤

I headed over to the Costa Rica sim today to take some pics.  Here are my attempt at artsyfartsy shots, followed by my usual, photocube ones. 

Truth Twiggy in copper – an adorable and sexy messy updo. 

Truth Esme in Caramel – long sexy ponytails

Truth Sofia in Honey  – sexy and simple everyday style
Truth Romy in Driftwood  – I adore this braid, and the wispy, messy pieces are just awesome. 

If you haven’t been to the new FabFree Headquarters yet, you must go, simply to pick up this fabulous 2 person Lounge from Mudhoney Designs, with 6 poses.   Mudhoney makes the most amazing furniture and this is an amazing gift!   It is on the right hand side, in the front window, there is a small box on the floor to buy to get this gift. 

Mudhoney Designs FabFree Gift  Blue Canvas Double Lounger (2 person – 6 poses) Free
Truth Twiggy in Golden

Truth Esme in Cranberry

All swimsuits:  Swim 1000 Member Group Gift Bikinis Free
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose Free Poses  Free
Photos take in:  Costa Rica Cocos Island   

Truth Booth at the Hair Fair – I think this is the direct LM, but I wasn’t able to test it, because the region has been full. 


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