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Love/Hate Relationships

Albero/Cioccolata is one of my favorite places to shop in SL.  The build is attractive and interesting (though it took a long time for me to “get” the layout and not feel like a rat looking for cheese) and the stores are quirky and fun.  But the best thing about Albero/Cioccolata for me are the hunts.   And they are also the worst thing.   Each time a hunt is announced, I rush over, certain that THIS time, I’ll master it.  And each time, I’m a frustrated angry mess a few hours later, with but a handful of “keywords” in hand, wanting to stab my own eyes out.   Usually some friend with a knack for these sorts of things comes along and bails me out though (I highly recommend getting one of those) and in the end, I’m ALWAYS thrilled with the prizes.

The current Cioccolata one year anniversary hunt is no exception.   Flit around the build looking for small brown numbered boxes, and when you click on them, you will be given a note-card with a number and codeword.  The numbers correspond to stores in the hunt, and you need to TP to their main locations to receive the prize.   More information about how to redeem the codewords can be found here: http://alberogssm.wordpress.com/.  This hunt is light on clothing items, but big on fun.  I counted 3 tiny avatars, an amazing AO, a wearable rocking chair, fantastic wings, tons of fun accessories,  and an incredible gift from Vooner that to be seen to be believed.   I’ll show you a few, but trust me, just go do the hunt.

Skin and Hair in both – Free Speerit Kimberly Pale (former group gift) and Truth “Matilda” in Mahogany $225 here
Amazing bouncy, bendy, playful AO (not shown) – from the Cioccalata Hunt.

Picture 1
Top – from the Drowsy Sim Hunt here
Tiny avatars, eyes, jewlery, ears, sushi and Elephant, from the Cioccolata Hunt.

Picture 2
Shorts and Top – Vista Animations Group Gift in store
Pink Dress – Babydoll – Pink Polkadot Dress – Free here, but I don’t know for how long.
Shoes, Belt, Rocking Chair, Eyes, House, Wings and Ring, from the Cioccolata Hunt.

P.S. You can IM me in-world if you need a bit of help.  🙂

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