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I’ve done goth….

in RL, and I don’t think I got it exactly right that time either :p   I’m a big fan of the of the counter-culture, embrace the darkness side of goth.  Not so much the expensive leather coats, shoes and gear.   But SL gives me a chance to at least play with that look and feeling for cheap.

Look one (kneeling)
Pants – Neko Gear – NG – BL Carpi – Black… love these, two layers with separate prim pieces for $100 L
Necklace, sweater and belt – 1L each at Edge Grafica
Skin: Tacky Star “Kitsune”  House of Munster  group gift here (small join fee)
Hair – Zero Style *nucco* Darks
Tattoo – “BT Swirls” previous Bitch Tail Midnight Madness board
Sneakers – NyC 5 pack – 5 pair for $250 in store here, or $50 on Xstreet here

Look Two (dress)
Dress – Cupcakes – Noir Dress (I darkened the waistband) $25L here
Leggings – *Gigi Couture* Stripped Leggings – 1L here
Skin – Tuli “Natalie (gothic) – former group gift
Hair and Tattoo (see above)
Boots and Necklace – 1L each at Edge Grafica

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