Free is Fab

I have so much stuff to blog I can’t get to it all!  Today, I am going to do a few things I have found, most of them at the new FabFree Headquarters.  I was really surprised when I went and checked it out…so many really well known designers have gifts there!  It was great fun trying everything on.

But, first, I stopped by Liberte to check out a gown I saw on the Fashion Feed.  I didn’t buy it, even though I want it badly ;p  because I never go dancing and it just isn’t a practical purchase.  It sure was gorgeous though! 
I did, however, find this super cute summer dress there for free!

The shoes, hair and pose are all from the new FabFree HQ.  The necklace is by *Ticky Tacky* and is a Bedtime Stories Hunt gift.  Hint:  look at the ceiling. 

Dress:  Liberte Fashion Free Dress Sunshine   Free
Jewelry:  *Ticky Tacky* Sweet Dreams Jewelry Set Blue Heaven For Bedtime Stories Hunt  Free
Hair:  Philotic Energy Hair @ FabFree Fern Mochachino  Free 
Shoes:  SKG Shoes @ FabFree Slingback Pumps V2  Free


Also at FabFree is this great dress and top, plus the jeans from Malt!  I love Malt and actually own this dress in red, which I bought at their recent sale.  It is so versatile, being able to be worn as a dress or a top. 
The jewelry is a really nice set from [U&R Dogs] and the poses are from Striking Poses, both also available at the FabFree HQ.  And the skin is from Glance, and I will talk more about it later. 

Dress/Top:  Malt Fashions @ FabFree Tyrilha Dress Apple Green Free
Jeans:  Malt Fashions @ FabFree Genista Jeans Free
Jewelry:  [U&R Dogs] @ FabFree *R* Cypien Bracelet Free
Hair:  Dark Mouse Karolina Dark Blond from the weekend Hunt  (not sure if it is still going on) Free
Skin:  Glance Beauty is Skin Deep Skins AdrianaV2 (buy the mirror)  Free
Poses:  FabFree Gifts from Striking Poses Free


This cute outfit is the new gift from Kunglers.  It includes the dress, belt, jewelry and nailpolish.  Kunglers always gives such nice gifts!
The hair is the subscribo gift from Mirone and the band is texture change. 

Dress and Jewelry:  Kunglers June 14 Group Gift Rosa Free
Hair:  :MIRONE: Subscribo Welcome Gift ELAN dark brown w/color change band  Free
Skin:  Glance Beauty is Skin Deep Skins AdrianaV2    (buy the mirror)  Free
Poses:  Long Awkward Poses Free Poses Free


Okay, if you haven’t picked up this skin from Glance yet, you must!  It is really lovely.  I was very surprised when I tried it on…I hadn’t tried on a Glance skin in a while and the designer has come leaps and bounds in skin design.  This is just a gorgeous skin…soft, luscious lips, nice brows, well done nose, and the body is really beautiful also. 

TP here and buy the mirror on the counter.  There are two skins in the pack, this one was my favorite. 

Skin:  Glance Beauty is Skin Deep Skins AdrianaV2 (buy the mirror)  Free
Hair:  TekuTeku June Group Gift Hair  Free
Bikini:  {CIPRIA COUTURE} Hawaiian Bikini @ FabFree        Free
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose Free Poses Free

It is not often I do an entire post where nothing cost even 1L!  I think I deserve a cookie.  😐


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