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50% off Sale at Analise! Woot!!!

I love Analise…best silks and camisks in SL, in my opinion.  When I saw the notice go out about the sale, I ran so fast I think I left skid marks.  Even if you don’t roleplay, these are so pretty, you really need one or two just for dress up, and some of the camisks look very pretty as lingerie, and some of them can also double as tops.  So head down and check it out.  Here is what I got!

I had been eyeing this outfit for a while.  For 150L, I couldn’t pass it up!  It comes with both versions, Riches and Rags.  Analise Scarlett Rags to Riches 150L

I mostly wear camisks when I roleplay, but I think I own all of Analise’s silks too!
Analise Celina Red 225L
Analise Daphne Ruby 225L
Analise Illyana Red 120L

Camisks for 75L!  That is an incredible deal!
Analise Captivity Charred 75L
Analise Jezebel Moss 75L
Analise Tethered Raspberry 75L

More Camisks, Drea would make a really cute top or lingerie!
Analise Drea Orchid 75L
Analise Tied On White  50L
Analise Syri Grass 75L

Analise Impassioned Celedon 200L
Analise Elsa Rojo 60L
Analise Delora Crimson 75L

And the June Lucky Chair Camisks!  Thank you, Talyn!! 

Analise Shir Me Up – Lucky Chair Prizes – Free
These are also in the Riot Vend if you want to mob it and get all three for cheap!

Take the taxi and pick yourself up some silks.  Your man will thank you.  ;p   The sale runs through the 17th. 

Other stuff:
Skin:  Lara Skin Rachel Pale Free
Hair:  ::69:: NW Charcoal 
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose Free Poses  Free

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