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New Free Skin at Lara Skins!

I really like Lara Skins, my alt that role plays wears the Devon Skin by Lara and I really love it.  There is a new Free Skin in the store, but I don’ t know how long it will be there.  It is really lovely, so I would rush down there, if I were you!

The Rachel Skin has a very fresh, young looking face with a smattering of freckles over the nose.  Very cute!
The body is nicely done, very soft looking, and for once…I kinda like the feet on a skin!  ;p 

The face:

The body:

Try out some demos while you are there.  Lara Skins are very well done and only 800L per makeup.

Skin:  Lara Skin Rachel Pale Free
Hair:  ::69:: NW Charcoal 
Pasties:  i ❤ Rien Ribbon Pasties Subscribo Gift Free
Bikini Bottom:  Alchemy Pink and Gray Hearts Bikini


*Correction…I had it listed as a dollarbie…but it is actually Free!

  1. June 12, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Ooohhh…thanks so much for letting us know this! I picked up a freebie Lara skin a while back and was quite impressed with the quality. I’m definitely going to drop by and grab this one up too.

    Great blog..I’ll add it to the list on mine. Best wishes!

  2. Gabby McCullough
    June 12, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Thanks, Bryn! Glad you like the blog!

    I really love the Lara skins and they are so reasonable priced! And the new freebie is so sweet!

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