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The skins just don’t stop coming

I remember rezzing my first time in world, in that old purple-shirted nightmarish body every female arrived in.  My friends and I were horrified to discover that not only were we fugly, we were identically so.    Job one, how to walk, fly, talk and click.  Job two, get a decent shape, skin, hair and eye.   It’s no exaggeration to say that I spent tens of thousands of Linden trying to get that right, and I probably wouldn’t wear any of those items today. 

Fast forward to 2009, and everyone rezzes with a decent skin and some prim hair.   Sure there’s room for improvement, but I’d have killed to look that good back in the day :p.    I mention all this to explain why I still get so excited about a great skin for free.   Thanks so much for making my inner-noob giddy all over again.

Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue sent out a notice today about new Lucky Chair items and this gorgeous Peta gown in their sxy2nd sim location.  I’m wearing the gown in picture one, and the included underwear layers in the second pic.  The skin in picture one is the latest Lazolli/L’oring gift, Linda 01A.   In the second pic, the skin is from the subscribo at [Coquette]and is called “Celeste”.  The body on this skin is incredible!  I love the light birthmarks on the collar bone, and the belly is fantastic.

Dress – Seldom Blue “SXY2ND – Eternity Brides & Seldom Blue Treasure!” – Petra in Red
Skin Pic One – Lazolli/L’oring – Linda 01A
Skin Pic Two – [Coquette] – Celeste Kat Group Lovin (subscribo gift) in Tan (SL isn’t letting me TP but it comes right up in search)
Hair – ETD – Airy

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