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Reek n’ Malt n’ More – mah big post of awesome!

Yes…this is gonna be a long post.  Bare with me. 
I never used to be a T-shirt girl in SL.  Then Reek came on the scene.  Now, it is unusual to find me in anything but a Reek Tee, my favo Malt jeans and a pair of flats.  That is my standard “going out hunting for new stuffs to blog” outfit.  So, a big thank to Riq for making my daily dressing easy! ;p

Reek has some adorable T Shirt sets out for only 5L each.  They are available in both guys and girls versions, and in each set you get 2 tees on ALL layers.  I love that Reek does all layers…and I think his texturing is awesome.  The wrinkles and shading are just great. 

With these I am wearing my brand NEW most favo jeans from Malt.  They are having a 50% off and 100L sale just until tomorrow.  So run!   Cuz you need these jeans…no foolin’.    (full view below)
The hair is from TekuTeku, which is becoming my new most favo hair store!  The pink is the Lucky Chair prize, the brown and the black are both dollarbies (look for the boxes near the Chair), and the light brown is the June Group Gift.

Reek Yikes & WTF Tees 5L for set
Reek RAWR & Bangin Tees 5L for set
Reek STFU & OMG Tees 5L for set
Jeans:  Malt 50% and 100L Sale – Loose Fit Denim Dark 100L
Hair:  =TEKUTEKU=  
Freebie Black & Freebie Hair 2 1L each
Group Gift June Free
Lucky Chair SP Bean  Free
Bracelet:  ~ChaosLotus~ DSN Free Sampler Rainbow Bike Chain Bracelet Free (You sign up at the DSN kiosks at ::DUH!:: for daily gifts!)

Reek also has some new releases out, and the are bargains as well!  The Hidden Temple tees are 150L and you get 6 styles in both regular and faded. 
The Baseball Tees come in Classic or Colors for 199L, and in each pack you get 10 colors!

The Reek belts are amazing!  Thanks Hallie…she picked them up for me on XStreet.  ❤  
They are color change and texture change and resize!   Really, I will never need another belt!  ;p
The super cute sneaks are from BeReal and are part of their gift for the Make Him Over Hunt.  But as you can see, since they are resize, they are awesome for the ladies too!
This cute pose bubble is from Talon Faire and was a Designer Showcase Network gift. 

Reek Hidden Temple Tees 150L 6 Styles in regular and Faded 
Reek Baseball Tees Classic and Colors 199L for 10 colors
Reek I Heart Themes Belt – Texture and Color Change
Reek I Heart Colors Belt – Texture and Color Change
Capris:  Malt Recycled Jeans Set – Blue  (comes with regular length and capris) 100L
Sneakers:  BeReal Fabric Sneakerz w/ Resize Menu MHOH Gift Free 
Pose Bubble:  Talon Fair Thought Bubbles DSN Sampler Free

When I was at Malt, I also got this great dress, which has 2 options to wear…either as a dress, or a babydoll top, for only100L!  LOVE!

Dress:   Malt Tyrilha Babydoll Ruby 100L
Hair:  W&Y Hair 93 *TYPE*A  Group Gift Color Change  Free

Now for moar freebies!

These PJs are Reek’s gift for the Make Him Over Hunt.  They can be worn as footies, or not. 
The top is from [Cynful] and is the opening dollarie for her new location.

PJs:  Reek Batman PJs MHOH Gift Free
Top:  [Cynful] Chequered Love Opening Gift Dollarbie 1L
Necklace:   ~ChaosLotus~ DSN Free Sampler Plain Choker (color change) Free

Eyes used throughout are from Poetic Eyes.  They are having a sale and put all their former freebie eyes out.  There are 7 colors in the pack, including a neko pair, and ALL are gorgeous!
The poses used throughout are by Modd.G and are free in the store right now.
Skin is the previously blogged Free Speerit Appreciation Day Group Gift

Eyes:  Poetic Eyes 7 colors for Free
Poses:  Modd.G Lisa Pose Set and Christy Pose Set Free
Skin:  Free Speerit Appreciation Day Group Gift Free 

  1. June 5, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    I *love* my Malt jeans and wore them religiously from when they were released until just recently. *wink*

  2. Renee Harvy
    June 5, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Ooooh, the Cynful shirt is keyuuute, and new to me!

  3. :(
    June 5, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Reeks wrinkles and shading are awesome because they bought full permission t-shirt templates off of xstreetsl.com. 😦

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