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There is only one word for this…

Squeee!  I’m sure there will be a dozen posts about this today, so I’ll just say, it’s goodness.  It’s all that’s right with the SL world.  They throw acorns ffs!  Also, how great is this shirt from the Frop Midnight Madness?  There’s a bunch of other stuff in the prize, including adorable flip flops, but I wanted to show you the shoes I put out for the Greatest Love OMG Hunt that starts in a few days.  I’m #94, and my cupcake is very cleverly hidden (in the ferns, and it’s about 20 feet tall… so I think you can probably find it).  Lastly, if you aren’t in the Tuli group, you need to beg, borrow or strip for the $250 lindens.  Really.  Tuli is making my HANDS DOWN mostest favoritest skins these days, and she gives them away like it’s her job. 



Backpack – Risusipo Free here

Skin- Tuli Group Gift – Hope, Tan/br Natural – Pay the $250 already.  You’ll thank me.

Hair – Calico Ingmann group gift – Arianna “mocha”

Eyes – Murial “standard” Aquamarine – Free here

Shirt – Frop Midnight Madness here

Pants – Yesterday’s Closet “Misty Casual Jeans” from the SL Discovery Hunt here

Shoes – Duh! Spring Plaid Flats from the GL OMG Hunt here

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