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Girly Girls, this is for you!

For as long as I can remember (in my SL life) I’ve been a fan of Cupcake dresses.   My blog-mates and I used to have a Sunday morning routine of dressing in the frilliest, fanciest dresses and hanging out in some pretty seedy places.  (Guys, I miss that a lot… HINT) And rarely did a Sunday go by that at least one of us wasn’t wearing a Cupcake’s creation.  The great news is that if you hurry and take advantage of the Pixel Mode $50L sale Gabby blogged below,  and the amazing wall of Cupcakes $25L dresses, you can have your own version of “Sunday Dress-up” for under $100L

Hair – Easy Street Claire Hair Brown 1 L here
Shoes – Pixel Mode Fresh in Pink $50L here
Dress – ❤ Cupcakes “Princess Dress” $25L here
L’ORING Jorden Skin//2B (regularly $1,225L!) – Free here
bodyline – eye – oildrop (opening gift) here
(Shiny Things) Multistrand Drop Necklace – Free here

  1. Hallie Galli
    May 23, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    The blog titles are freakin’ weird!!! I also don’t know which seedy places or what dress thing you are talking about….can we go tomorrow? 😀

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