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Twisted and Spoiled Neko

I saw someone post on Plurk today that Hybrid is having a 50L sale.  If you ever toyed with going neko, now would be the time!   Most everything in the store is 50L, including fatpacks.  So if you are going to buy an item, check to see if the fatpack is available, like I did with the laundry basket which I will show below.   I put together a little neko outfit to show off my new ears and tail…I have a feeling I don’t look quite homeless enough though.  ;p

The ear and tail pack I got, also came with a skin.  But I bought this striped tattoo and chose to wear it with the Tuli Hope Prototype Skin that was one of the Blogger Appreciation Gifts.  This skin is lovely…I can’t wait until it is released!

I have previously blogged the men’s version of these boots from The Bobbysocks Shop.  Here is the female version of the Skulls and Buckles Boot.  It is one of my all time favorite pairs of boots.

And here is the laundry basket.  So cute for curling up after a long day of mouse chasing…or whatever it is that nekos do.  You can get the fatpack, which was at least 8 different versions of this basket for 50L.  And they are transferrable (no copy) so you can send them to all your neko littermates.

Neko Bits:  Hybrid Dawn Spots Complete Hybrid set.  Comes with ears, tail, skin and hud for 50L 
Tattoo:  Hybrid Stripes Tattoo 50L
Basket:  Hybrid Laundry Basket (All Colors) 50L  (they are transfer) 
Eyes:  [lessthanthree] awesome eyes violet 
Socks:  Canimal Socks Small Stripes (tinted)  (‘show color under cursor’ is your friend…in advanced, UI, hover over the part you want to match, and then tint with the red, green, blue numbers.  I used the numbers from brightest red in the skirt  to tint the socks.)
Skirt:  Lilith Design Blowpop MiniSkirt Double Belt Black Red Tartan  
Tank:  Skin Flicks Short Tank 
Skin:  Tuli Hope Prototyle Skin (blogger gift) 
Boots:  The Bobbysocks Shop Ladies Skulls and Buckles 
Hair:  ETD MeriJayne II – Black 
Bracelets: Sn@tch No. 9 Bracelets Plaid & Glitter
Necklace:  Neko Gear BrokenHearted Collar 

Now, on to the freebies!
Twisted and Spoiled just put out a new Group Gift, which comes with the pants, top and the necklace.  I love the back of the top.  Very nice detail with the unusual ring and straps. 

If you like to wear glasses you need to get this pair from Kumaki.  They are a group gift in the store…join the group next to the lucky board and then click the picture to get the glasses.  The frames and lens are both scripted color change.

Outfit:  Twisted and Spoiled Group Gift – Pants, Top and Necklace Free
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses K-gs Blanco *group gift*  lens and frame color change  Free  
Hair:  Truth Jess – Ivory Free
Skin:  Free Speerit Kimberly Former Group Gift 
Poses:  LAP 

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