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Oh, the Laaaaaaaaaag

Yes, that’s right.  50% off at Sn@tch this weekend, and of course, that means lag, lag, lag.  Fiddle with your graphics, take your prims off (you survived the Hair Fair and RFL, you know the drill) and get down there.   I went a little nuts, but don’t worry, the lag makes it almost impossible to buy the whole store.  *grin*

And I can’t finish this post without mention of more blogger appreciation goodness!  The outfit below is from Indyra Originals, and the hair worn with it is Tiny Bird’s gift to the blogger group.  The hair in the picture above is from the Stringer Mausoleum, (thank you for the gift card  Helena!), and the skin in all pictures is Tuli’s prezzie to bloggers this week.   The poses came just in time for this post, courtesy of VPoses, and they are lovely!

Picture 1
All clothing from Sn@tch, (Dirty Ego Shorts &Tights, Feral in Plaid, Trixie Thermals, and Road to Hell), all 50% off this weekend here.
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum – Space Punk – Mahogany, here
Skin: Tuli – Hope Prototype gift to bloggers (look for it in the store soon, or just buy something else, because every one of her skins is amazing)
Eyes: Tuli intense eyes – blue (previous group gift)
Jewlery: edge grafica – 04 spiked bracelet and 09 choker cabochon (soon to be closed, so hurry here)
Shoes: Duh! – Slip-on Clogs in black and scarlett, 20L each here
Poses: VPoses FE and ZG series here

Picture 2
Clothing: Indyra Orginals Blogger gift, Urban Agenda, here
Hair: [Tiny Bird] Blogger gift, Emma in Brownie 1, here
Jewlery: U&R DOGS, Traumeri Pierced Earings, Keys to the VIP Hunt, here
Skin, eyes, shoes, poses, same as picture 1

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