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Gifts from JILL and Baby Monkey!

I got a notice when I logged in about a new group gift from JILL and ran over to pick it up…while I was there, I saw a notice about a Baby Monkey Spring Gift of 2 pairs of shoes and a purse.  When I put them on, I realized they looked really cute together!  Or at least I think so…don’t burst my bubble.  😐

The JILL outfit is just adorable.  I really love all her clothes, and if you missed my last post about JILL, there are a whole lot of free items in the store, as well as group gifts and 2 Lucky Boards.  A big thanks to another generous designer!

Baby Monkey is another generous store that gives out frequent gifts.  They have 3 Midnight Mania Boards and 2 Lucky Chairs.  I love these flats in the Spring Gift, and I never wear a purse in SL, but this one is adorable.  The Spring Gift is upstairs near the Midnight Mania Boards.

The JILL outfit comes with a dress, a top and a pair of cute shorts with prim cuffs!  LOVE!!   And the Twisted and Spoiled Daisy Chain Choker from the Diamond Hunt is adorable with this outfit! 

JILL Thank You Gift – Dress, Top and Pants Free

Baby Monkey Spring Gift  Free
BM Bamboo Handled Tote – Coral & Tan
BM Gaby Flat – Coral & Tan
BM Lucy – Coral & Tan

Twisted and Spoiled Diamond Hunt Daisy Chain Choker Gift 1  Free

Hair:  *mikan
Skin:  Free Speerit
Poses:  LAP

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