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Excuse me, I have to take this…

is my new favorite phrase currently after finding this phone from Devo.  I think I own pretty much everything in Devo.  I wandered in there today and noticed a phone on the wall…which I needed immediately.  Not only will this amuse you and your friends for hours…it also will piss off your friends and complete strangers for hours.  This I am a huge fan of…  

Once you attach the phone to you hip, your avatar will receive calls and make calls.  This is awesome because yes…I am too lazy to click the phone (which also has a menu to get call/dial on command).  You can turn the phone on and off also (why would you turn it off?).  Also, when you pick up the phone it sounds like you are having a fantastic fake conversation and there is an adorable face animation.  Lastly, you can put your own ringtone into it…which I will get around to.

So, after rambling on about the phone…I love this dress sooooo much and I’m pretty much living in these new flip flops…

The phone is HUGE btw….but as Meat Carver said:
“Inspired by the world famous iPhone, this sculpted/scripted Phone is simply the most prestigious status symbol in Secondlife”  

What I’m wearing:  
Skin:  Popfuzz -Dark Bronze – ❤ Cupcakes Edition
Hair: Artilleri – Rina hair -choco 
Sunglasses:  Lelutka– Garbo shades -white 
Dress:  Beauty Avatar – Bayonne Dress 
Shoes:  Sand Shack Surf Co. – Freedom Flops – Red
Phone:  Devo – Devo Phone
Pose:   Pretzel Poses 

Hallie ❤

  1. Gage Windlow
    May 12, 2009 at 10:38 am

    I can confirm she has been living in this flip flops and I can’t pry them from her feet. Great post. That phone is really cool and I agree the animations are really well done. It’s about time you stepped up and got yourself an Iphone woman. ❤

  2. Hallie Galli
    May 12, 2009 at 10:47 am

    You totally responded to this via your iphone…didn’t you? Buy me one..<3

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