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So what if I am Spoiled?

and a little Twisted.  At least today I am, as Twisted and Spoiled began their Diamond Hunt, which goes on through the 17th.  I have long been a fan of Twisted and Spoiled.  I think they do great jewelry, very nicely textured clothing and some really cute hair. 

Here are a few things from the hunt.  All the tops came with shorts, but I have shown just a couple pair…they are all really short. 

All the tops come in both short and long lengths, and this black ribbed tank will be a great versatile piece for mix and match.

In all these pics, I am wearing a gift skin from Lara Skins, called Kate – Pale.  It is a very pretty skin, very soft and sweet makeup and comes complete with a belly ring.  ;p  Definitely worth picking up and adding to your skin wardrobe. 

Bracelet:  Twisted and Spoiled Armour Jewelry Steel Gift 6 
Necklace:  Twisted and Spoiled Diamond Star Necklace  Gift 8
Shirt:  Twisted and Spoiled Shirt Blue Gift 8

Top:  Twisted and Spoiled Shirt Black Gift 4
Necklaces:  Twisted and Spoiled Trinity Beads Ice (long and short sections worn)

Skin:  Lara Skin – Kate pale – Free

I adore this daisy chain choker.  It is worth doing the hunt just to get this piece!  So very sweet and amazingly detailed.  
The adorable flats are a gift just for today from 50 Flats.  You are gonna hafta hurry to get them.  Sorry for posting them so late, but I was out all day.  Farking RL.  :-/

Shorts:  Twisted and Spoiled Cut offs Brown Gift 1
Top:  Twisted and Spoiled Shirt Brown (Twisted) Gift 1
Necklace:  Twisted and Spoiled Daisy Chain Choker Gift 1
Flats:  50 Flats Love you, Mom Free today only 

Here is another pair of the very short shorts.  Molly is embarrassed, can you tell?  ;p  This outfit comes with latex boots which I have not shown.
The shoes are another of the Twisted and Spoiled Gifts.  I love the ankle wraps!
The bangles are a Mother’s Day Gift from [spork].  Not sure how long they will be out. 

Shoes:  Twisted and Spoiled Wedges Gift 7
Shorts:  Twisted and Spoiled Sexbomb Pants Steel Blue Gift 3
Top:  Twisted and Spoiled Sexbomb Shirt Steel Blue Gift 3
Bangles:  [spork] music bangles Mother’s Day Gift 

A close up of the skin and the Daisy Chain Choker.  ❤ them both!

Skin:  Lara Skin – Kate pale – Free
Necklace:  Twisted and Spoiled Daisy Chain Choker Gift 1
Hair in all pics:  ETD Keri

All Twisted and Spoiled items listed here are Free

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