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Keys to the VIP Hunt

Renee and I did the VIP Hunt this morning.  There were 50 stores, and then at the end a special “VIP room” where you get extra gifts.  Here are a few of the things from the Hunt.

MudHoney = LOVE…their stuff is amazing, highly detailed, and they very generously give out wonderful gifts in almost every hunt.  The prize from MudHoney is this Vintage Trunk.  It is a wondeful piece. 

It has 7 very cute poses, of which I am showing 2. 


Naive also has a very nice gift, including the 2 dresses below, and the top and capris in the next photo.  All very well done with wonderful textures.

The purple top and capris are Naive.  Will be great for mix and match!
The black dress is by Ema’s.  
The bracelet watch is by Genesis and is the nicest piece of jewelry in the hunt, in my opinion.

Magika has a very cute hair in the hunt called Flutter, which has 3 small butterflies attached. 
And in this next picture, I am showing one of the things I think is the most fun.  It is by Catnip and it is a holster diary, worn on your leg, and when you click it, the diary goes to your hands, with a pen, and begins a cute writing animation. 

Hunt Item Details in order by photo: 

Vintage Trunk:  :[MudHoney]: Designs Vintage Truck w/pillows, blanket and keys (has 7 poses)  
Shirts:  :::LiNe::: VipHunt Men’s Shirt/Blue and Green shown 
Shorts:  Frop! Pocket Full of SunShine Short 
Thigh Diary:  CATNIP Dirty Secrets Thigh Diary 
Dresses:  Naive Gill Dress Red 1 and 2 
Top and Capris:  Naive Keys to the VIP Top and Capris
Flats:  Deviant Designs Black Keys Flats 
Dress:  Ema’s le point rouge dress
Watch:  ::Genesis:: Timeless Watch 
Hair:  Magika Hair – Flutter – Red E 
Non Hunt: 
Hair :  ETD Emily and Jessica

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