About a Boy

This is one for the boys.   Men don’t really get much in the way of freebies in SL, although that does seem to be changing some.  They also probably don’t read fashion blogs, so ladies, if you gots a man, you can take him to these places to get this stuff.  ;p 
Men, if you are reading…*waves* Haaaiiii!!   I did a post for you!

This shirt is part of the SL Discovery Hunt prize from Sweeter than Candy.   Jordan put it with a pair jeans that are a gift in the new :::LiNe::: Subscribomatic. 

Shirt:  Sweeter Than Candy SL Discovery Hunt Men’s Navy Plaid Button Down  Free 
Jeans:  :::LiNe::: Hipop Jean Subsribomatic Gift  Free 
TShirt  Truth @ The Gnubie Store Tshirt Silver  Free
Boots:  Studio M’z Engineer Boots Long White Lucky Chair Free
Hair:  Uncle Web Reed Hair Mesh Black Free 
Skin:  Belleza Jonas Med Group Gift 


The Eclectic Lumberjack top is also a SL Discovery Hunt prize and is unisex.  The Project Kiwi Bug Tee might be a limited time, so if you like it, you shouldn’t wait.  The jeans are from –WMD- and are part of a free outfit available at Le.Look! 

1st Top:  Eclectic Accessories Lumberjack Open Shirt Dark Brown SL Discovery Hunt   Free
Tshirt in both:   -WMD- LE.LOOK! Free Outift Short White Tshirt Free
2nd Shirt:  Project Kiwi Bug Tee 1L 
Jeans in both:  -WMD- LE.LOOK! Free Outift Sugoi “Ronin” Jeans  Free
Shoes in 1st pic:  HOC Industries Casual Loafer Color Chage, shown in brown 30L 
Shoes in 2nd pic:  Truth @ The Gnubie Store Iggy Shoes [stitched/sienna]  Free 
Hair:  Uncle Web Reed Hair Brown  Free

Perion found this shirt from VaMpArT.  She finds all the coolest stuff.  😉  It should come in every noobie pack, although really, everyone needs this shirt!   ;p

1st Shirt:  VaMpArT WhichWay TShirt  Free 
1st Jeans:  Sweeter Than Candy Regular Med Blue Jeans Free 
2nd Shirt:  Truth @ The Gnubie Store Henly [grape] Free
2nd Jeans:   -WMD- LE.LOOK! Free Outift Sugoi “Ronin” Jeans  Free

This outfit amuses me to no end.  And if I know Renee, she is gonna swoon big time…she loves nerds.  This is the new dollarbie available at Concrete Flowers and is really well done!   The sweater is beautifully textured with awesome wrinkles.  I am going to pick up this sweater for my girls, so they can be nerdy too. 
The glasses are from Solar Eyewear and are available for free at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.  They come with a hud that does freakin’ everything but make you a sammich.  Resize, reposition, recolor, retexture, and lens color change!   They rock!

Outfit:  Concrete Flowers – Mr Bland Set Green 1L  
Glasses:  Solar Eyewear – Nash Free 
Shoes:  Truth @ The Gnubie Store Shreds [crimson fleur] Free
Hair:  Uncle Web Reed Hair Brown  Free

  1. May 6, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    “which way to the sex” ROFL – you dont know how many times I hear this! hahahaha

  2. Renee Harvy
    May 6, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    Glasses and a cardigan do not a nerd make. Get back to me when you’ve got real nerd cred. (hint hint… a Star Trek t-shirt would be a good start)

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