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This doll is anything but quiet

I fully intended to blog something completely different today, but then, serendipity!  The gorgeous black and red sneakers from [hoorenbeek] showed up everywhere, and the very sweet Aura Falta was kind enough to drop her amazing “Quiet Doll” skin on me.  The rest of this outfit was cake!

Jacket: A.Y.Y. – Straight Plaid Blazer Black, not free but only $30, and this store is FULL of great bargains
Vignette Hair – May Brick, free
Quiet Doll Skin – tacky star – not free, but a bargain at 200L
Eyes: Intense Eyes – blue, Tuli group gift
Earings and Shoes – Alienbear NX Dark Earring and [hoorenbeek] Samoa, both free gifts from Fab Fashion TV (the shoes are on the wall, not with the other gifts)
Leggings: Cupcakes – Leggings-Black 1, part of the lucky chair outfit “Striped Top and Leggings”
Belt: “*Dilly Dolls* I Eat Bunnies Belt” – from the Twisted Hunt (no longer available)
Socks: ::Dutch Touch :: Toeless Socks Pack, DarkGrey 2, part of a huge fat pack for $150L  in the “discount room” – go there if you haven’t already.
Shorts: ::humming::buttonPants_Red plaid shorts, 1L here
Tank: Red Tank Top by PopFuzz 2, part of their under 30 day old avatar gift
Scarf: Charcoal Plaid Scarf – Last month’s group gift from Miel

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