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I suck at clever titles

So, I won’t even try.  😐  I lucked out this afternoon and dropped into Dilly Dolls  in the middle of a 30L sale.  On everything in the store.  Well, that sale is over BUT the 50L sale will continue until midnight tomorrow.  So if you haven’t hit it up, you really should. 

One of the coolest things about Dilly Dolls clothing and shoes is, most of it is color change!  And if you have been keeping up, I heart color change very much.  Another thing is, when you buy an outfit, it comes in eleventy billion colors, all for one price!  This first outfit, called Casey, which I am showing in red, you get 8 other color options in the folder!   The shoes…every part is color and texture change.  The combinations you can make with these shoes are virtually (heh) endless.

Dress:  *Dilly Dolls* Casey Black  50L sale until midnight tomorrow
Shoes:  *Dilly Dolls*  Argyle Pumps Color Change
Necklace:  Edge Grafica Choker Oval (black)  Free  CLOSING SOON!!  Go before 5/31!!   
Bracelet:  KOSH Black Shag Bands 1L 
Hair:  ETD Kiley II Black Red 1L 
Skin:  Free Speerit Kimberly Tan (Pop) Current Group Gift Free

In this next outfit, I am showing the Casey top only, in black, with the 1L KOSH jeans that are out in the store right now.  I think they are supposed to be men’s but I like them very much on me.  This hair is also 1L at KOSH and how fun is it??!!  The sneakers are part of the Dilly Dolls sale and are…you guessed it…color change!  Every piece;  sides, tongue, laces, soles…all changable individually! 

Top:  *Dilly Dolls* Casey Top Black & Black
Sneakers:  *Dilly Dolls* Floral Sneaker Color Change
Hair:  KOSH Fanny From the Tree  1L
Pants:  KOSH HK Pants Red 1L 
Necklace:  Edge Grafica Choker Oval (black)  Free 
Bracelet:  KOSH Black Shag Bands 1L 
Skin:  Free Speerit Kimberly Tan (Pop) Current Group Gift Free

Next is Dilly Dolls Polka Betty with Dilly Dolls Janie Heel.  The dress comes in 10 colors for 50L and the shoes are color change by parts…shoe, sole, heel. 
Again, I saw a notice that Edge Grafica will be closing at the end of May, so don’t forget to go and pick up everything…it is ALL free.  It is all so great for mix and match.  While you are there, hit up the designers tip jar, she has been keeping her store open for ages, on tips alone.

Dress:  *Dilly Dolls* Polka Betty Red  you get 10 colors for 50L
Shoes:  *Dilly Dolls* Janie Heel Color Change 
Necklace:  Edge Grafica Choker Oval (black)  Free 
Hair:  ETD Kiley II Black Red 1L 
Bracelet:  KOSH Black Shag Bands 1L 
Skin:  Free Speerit Kimberly Tan (Pop) Current Group Gift Free

This next outfit I am totally in love with.  It is made up of a bunch of different stuff, so please look at the credits below.  The shoes and socks were the most expensive things, at 30L each.  The Dilly Dolls socks are now part of the 50L sale, and come in 8 colors and are so cute AND come with prim cuffs! 
The skirt is part of the spring gift from S@BBiA and I really like the way the prim part moves…unlike most denim skirts that are very stiff, this is flowy.  S@BBiA also has several other freebies in the store including some socks that would also look cute with this type of look.

Socks:  *Dilly Dolls* Knee Socks P2 (with prim cuffs) you get 8 colors for 50L
Cardigan:  ::C’est la vie!:: Border Knit Cardigan Group Gift  Free
Skirt: S@BBiA  Spring Gift – Skirt only  Free
Necklace:  Sentou Yousei Protect Our Earth Necklace Free  (this has been out a while, so if you like it, I would get it soon…not sure how much longer it will be there)
Hair:  Umi Usagi W’s Hair 007 Red Black Group Gift Free
Sneakers:  HOC Apparel – Bolts Sneakers Color Change 30L
Tank:  WOE DT FR33 Layered Tank Top Snow Layer Former Gift

All poses:  Long Awkward Pose

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