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Who doesn’t need more dresses?

So I know this dress from 25ans has been blogged, but when I finally got around to going to pick it up, I fell in love a little.  And I picked up the other free gifts while I was there.  Join the group, and then go to all 4 corners of the store…there is a free gift in each corner for group members.  Very generous of the designer! 
So, I wanted to blog the dress anyway and took this pic…and well, has anyone else blogged the dress while floating?  No…I don’t think so.  ;p

This is really a beautiful dress.  Very worth a place in your inventory.  I got all artsy-fartsy while trying to edit the pics.  Yes, I am lame.  But it was so preeeettttyyyyy.   *rolls eyes at myself*

One of the other gift dresses, I was not a huge fan of the skirt, but then realized the top could be worn on it’s own as a jacket layer.  This jewelry is one of the other gifts.  Perion has had this for ages, but as usual, I am late out of the gate and never realized where she got it.  I am super-psyched that I have it now! 
This is the new Tuli Group Gift Skin.  It is really pretty and the pink eyeshadow really went with the little theme I had developed here. 

1st Dress:  25ans -azul- Group Gift  Free
Top:  25ans AOHARU Chiffon Ruffle Dress Jacket only  Group Gift Free
Jewelry:  25ans *Daydream* fall in love jewelry  Group Gift  Free
Skin:  Tuli Faith Light Group Exclusive
Hair:  *mikan hair love mouse Black Free (with ear portion of hair shrunk and sunk into my head)
Shoes:  Jador Shoes Eternity White Diamonds 
Eyes:  Reale Vivid Eyes Violet Blue 

So then, I had seen the new *ICING* subscribomatic dress blogged on several blogs and loved it, so I went to try to get it.  Yeah…no.  The subscribo would appear to be broken.  Or doesn’t like me. 
Not to be detered, I went to the freebie area of the store.   I know these have been out for a while, but I haven’t seen them blogged in quite a while, if at all.  I can’t recall.  And with summer coming, if you don’t have these dresses, you need to go get them.  *ICING*does beautiful, highly detailed, classy dresses.  I have never tried a dress from *ICING* that I didn’t love.


 1st Dress:  *ICING* Gift:  Night Mist Free
2nd Dress:  *ICING* Gift:  Petit Basier  Free
3rd Dress:   *ICING* Gift:  La Vie Boheme – Amethyst  Free
Hair:  Uncle Web Julie Hair Type B  Red Brown – this is the 3rd gift in the store, I thought there were only 2, but there are 3 of each color hair for both men and ladies! 
Hair:  Dark Mouse Group Gift April Myshka Dark Blonde Free
Earrings:  Dark Mouse Group Gift April Shiny Silver Large Hoop Silver  Free
Eyes:  Tuli Intense Eyes Brown and Green Group Gift
Skin:  Tuli Faith Light Group Exclusive Gift
Shoes:  Duh! Croc Sandals White/Silver 20L  

I read on a blog this morning about this next dress.  I am sorry, I suck and can’t remember which one.  Whoever it was…great find! 
Ok, I felt guilty and went and looked…It was Free*Style.  They are always right on top of things.  🙂  Thank for the head’s up on this dress Dahlindah! 
This dress has awesome texturing, the wrinkles are highlighted as well as shaded.  It comes with 3 skirt options, prim sleeves and this really cute ribbon choker.  All for free!  Or maybe 1L…I can’t remember.  I shouldn’t even be blogging today, I am just plain dangerous. 

Dress:  *salire star dress/blue w/3 skirt options 1L 
Skin:  Tuli Faith Light Group Exclusive
Hair:  *mikan hair love mouse Black Free (with ear portion of hair shrunk and sunk into my head)  
Eyes:  Reale Vivid Eyes Violet Blue 

 All Poses:  KSCreations

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