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Cuteness Overload!

I think I seriously went “squeeeeee!!” when I saw this puppy tote.  I never carry bags in SL, but I am going to have to rethink that now.  Look at it!   I want a dog in RL and would totally do this…carry him around with me in a bag.
In other amazing, fantastic news…UncleWeb has FINALLY reopened!  I can’t tell you how distressed I was when I was looking for their main store one day and it was gone.  *sobs uncontrollably*  They always had the greatest free hair for men on the grid.  Well, they are back…and with new freebies!  For both men and ladies. 

I am showing the men’s hair on Molly to show that it is unisex.  Such a cute style and equally cute on us girls. 
The puppy tote is a prize in the SL Discovery Hunt from Sculpty Creations.  In addition to being so cute it makes me melt into a puddle of goo, the puppy is animated.   *dies*  Srsly. 
The top is also unisex and is a subscribo gift from Blaze.  It is tres sexy on the ladies. 
The jeans are the 1L Zaara jeans that you MUST get, and the shoes are from Duh!

Below, I am showing the hair in blonde.  Both colors are free until 5/31 at UncleWeb.  The necklace is a dollarbie from The Blue Pearl.

Bag:  Sculpty Creations Animals Free pup and bag  SL Discovery Gift  FREE
Top:  Blaze Boyfriend Buttondown Unisex Subscribo Gift  Free
Hair:  Uncle Web Reed (Men’s) Brown and Angel Shine  Free
Necklace:  The Blue Pearl Simple Globe Necklace  1L
Jeans:  Zaara Jeans {classic} *blue*  1L  
Shoes:  Duh! Croc Sandals Pink/Silver 20L of Fatpack of 13 pairs only 100L

Up next is the female Uncle Web Freebie.  It comes in black and blonde in 2 styles, one with bangs and one without.
The dress is free from Angelwing and I think is very well done.

Dress:  **Angelwing** Red Sakura Dress (3rd Floor) Free 
(hint: SL Discovery Hunt magnifying glass is veeery close by)
Hair:  Uncle Web Julie Hair Type B Angle Shine and Type A in Black Mesh Free


This dress is one of the SL Discovery Hunt prizes from Angelwing.  It is very pretty and moves really nicely.  Great for dancing! 

Dress:  **Angelwing** Opening Night Dress SL Discovery Hunt  Free
Hair:  Uncle Web Julie Hair Type A Mesh Black  Free
Necklace:  The Blue Pearl Simple Iced Flowers  1L
Shoes:  Maitreya Slinky Stiletto Black
Poses:  KSCreations

The last thing I did today was head over to Imperial Elegance to get on their picks reward.  While I was there, I noticed that have this funny ‘Moon Pose’ out for free.   Who doesn’t need this?   I may hang off this moon to sleep from now on.  ;p

Pose:  Imperial Elegance Moon with Poses Free 
Dress:  **Angelwing** Red Sakura Dress (3rd Floor) Free 
Hair:  Uncle Web Julie Hair Type B Angle Shine Free
Shoes:  Pixelfashion Sally Shoes White (former gift)

I have been very busy collecting freebies today, and now I need to crash.  *hops up on my moon and drifts off to sleep…..*

  1. Renee
    May 2, 2009 at 10:45 am

    That puppy is the reason bags were invented.

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