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Wonderland Opening Freebies!

Hallie let me know that there are some freebie areas in the new Feed Your Head – Wonderland sim.  The sim is officially opening at 8pm SLT tonight, but you can go grab these freebies now if you want them!  And check out the sim while you are there, explore and do some shopping…it is really wild and original. 

Shirt:  >>Figure 8<< – I’m Late Tee -Wwonderland Opening   Gift for Opening
Hairdryer:  *SaLsa!* Big Blow! 2000 J Series – fires lightening bolts!  Gift for Opening
Skin:  -MiA- Tan Skin – Tropic 
Eyes:  -MiA- Brown Eyes 
Hair:  @Waffles!  Alice Practice (chocolate) 
Jeans:  Bagley – rolled faded jeans blue 
Shoes:  .:Periquita:. Funny Girl Flats – White 
Shoes:  ::Duh!:: Croc Sandals Purple/Silver Gift for Opening 
Bangles:  *Ticky Tacky* Daily Bangles Gift for Opening
Jeans:  Zaara Jeans {classic} *blue*  1L  Gift at Tropic Escape Secret Sale
Shirt:  Reek Camp Anawanna Girls Tee Purple Faded (Thanks, Riq!)
Hair:  ETD Fair Fire Blackened

Pose:  :Snookys Poses:  Wee Lookit Coool 

Donna Flora has some gifts out, including the Bird outfit.  I have seen it worn as a dress, but here I am wearing it as a bathing suit.  Very cute!   The shoe and earrings are all gift at the Wonderland Opening and match this outfit perfectly!

Outfit:  Donna Flora Bird  Gift for Opening
Shoes:  Donna Flora Mary Shoes Gift for Opening
Earrings:  Donna Flora Poison Drops Earrings  Gift for Opening

Reek has some really cute Tee Shirts in their subscribomatic.  You can hit it up here.  Shown with the *Ticky Tacky* Bangles, which I like a lot!


This shape is a gift from SavoirFaire Shapes, and is very pretty!  The necklace is a gift from LaGyo.  Both for the Wonderland Opening.
The super cute swimsuit was sent out today from Chikka’s subscribomatic…so if you haven’t signed up for that, you must go do it now!  Update!  I just took off the bottom and this also makes a GREAT tank!  She finished the bottom seam, so you can wear the top on it’s own!  Very nice!

Shape:  Savoir Faire Shapes Ingrid Freebie  Gift for Opening
Necklace:  LaGyo Silly Simphonies Necklace Gift for Opening 
Swimsuit:  Ckikka Design Jador Swimsuit New Subscribo Gift 
Shoes:  SKGShoes Zoe Pumps Stacked – Pecan 5L weekly offer 

Poses:  KSCreations 5L per set of 10 poses

So to recap :   head on down to Wonderland, then over and pick up those amazing Zaara jeans, then hit the subscribo at Chikka.  Then your work for the day is done!  ;p

  1. Hallie Galli
    May 1, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    I found out also that the hair dryer makes this awesome “pew pew pewww pewwwww” noise when you try to shoot people with it. I heart weapons.

  2. Gabby McCullough
    May 1, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    I love things that go “pew pew pew”!

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