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How did Brutus Martinek know?

I really, really needed this today.   Whatever this is.  On my tee-shirt dress, which I love so very, very much.   Pididdle is way up on my list of most favorite stores, and the ever generous Brutus is giving us gifts again.  Go there, hunt for them, they are fabulous.  If you are having a bad week (like me) they will help.   And if that’s not enough, how about Zaara jeans for a buck?  I very nearly smiled there  for a second :p

Pose:  Torridwear Basics Freebie Pack, Basics 05 (subscribo gift)
Hair: Pididdle Salon – Era – Poison Oak (Gift Box 001)
Tee Dress: Pididdle Tee Dress Black (Gift Box 002)
Skin: Pididdle Lien – Tan – Sonnet (Gift Box 004)
Jeans: Zaara : Jeans (classic) *blue* (Tropical Escape Simwide sale $1L)
Jewlery: Pididdle – Heavy Sleep Necklace (previous group gift)
Eyes: Tuli intense eyes – blue (group gift)

Photos:  Five Sisters/Fantasma Plaza Sim… cuz it’s so cool

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  1. Hallie Galli
    May 1, 2009 at 6:55 pm

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