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Down The Rabbit Hole…





Feed Your Head

A brand new shopping sim opening tomorrow with a bunch of great stores!!

Bagley, Hourglass Shapes, SINdecade, Tacky Star, Corry’s Attic, Cupcakes & Poetry, lessthanthree<3, Split Pea, Duh!, Pig Shop, This is a Fawn, The Sea Hole, Doux Petit Dahl, Periquita, Inorite, Store with No Name, IZUMIYA, La Sylphide, Sugar Mill, MnM Design, C’est la vie, Pocket Mirrors, Herbalys, Miel, LaGyo, kitsch me., SARS, *ENCEMBLE*, lamb, Reek, MilkMotion, Chinese Takeout, Adjunct, Lazy Places, Boutique of Oddness, Figure 8, Salsa, Ticky Tacky, Thimbles, Pudge, Donna Flora, Golden Delish, Subacultcha, Sprawl, Shape’ly Shape Shack, Scribble, smudge, Cheap Love Song…and much more!

(Special thanks to Annunziata Macchi for photos <3)

Hallie ❤

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