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All about *+*JILL*+*

I saw a post about a new group gift from *+*JILL*+* and immediately headed down to the store as I have been a big fan of JILL for quite a long time.   As I was there, I noticed there are quite a few gifts available as well as a cute outfit in the lucky board.   There are also some gifts to the left of the main door, including several sets of stockings and the bracelets shown here which are…wait for it…color change!   I loves the color change stuffs.  ;p 

While I was there, the lucky board changed to M and I was in Molly at the time.  \YAY/  That worked out well, since I had decided to blog the other stuff anyway.

This is the lucky board prize…a very cute top with bloomers and an optional long babydoll top.  There are lots of different ways to wear this outfit.  Very cute, very nice textures and very versatile.  It is available for sale if you don’t want to wait for the lucky board…I believe it was about 120L. 

This went perfectly with the new free ‘Scale’ flats from 50 Flats.  Below is the outfit with the babydoll prim and showing the back of the top.  I love when designers put just as much attention to  detail into the back of an item of clothing.  I am always looking at my back as I am walking…so nice to have something to look at.  😛

The pink top and shorts shown below are the new group gift, in a room to the left of the landing point.  This outfit also comes with a pair of cute pink headphones.  With the pink outfit, I am wearing a dollarbie hair from *mikan, which I tinted a bit deeper brown.
 The dresses are both gifts available in the room to the right of the landing point.  In the middle picture, I am wearing the new Bebea gift skin, called ‘Delilah’.
With both of those outfits, I am wearing the gift bracelet from JILL.  It comes in lots of different versions, with different numbers of bangles and different widths…and each bangle is individually color change so you can really mix up the looks of these bracelets.



First and second pics:
Outfit:  *+*JILL*+* Lucky Board Gift DBD Blue  Free
Shoes:  50 Flats Scale Blue/Gray Free
Necklace:  Bonita Jewlery Soft Orbs Necklace 
Hair:  ETD Emily Fire Blackened 
Eyes:  Poetic Color Eyes Gold Flakes Opal  Free
Jeans:  Malt Loose Fit Denim
Skin:  Free Speerit Kimberly Aquamarine  Former Group Gift

3rd pic in order:
Outfit:  *+*JILL*+* Gift – BPS Free
Hair:  *mikan Free Twintail moka – tinted darker brown  Free
Bracelets:  *+*JILL*+* Bracelets Free
Eyes:  Poetic Color Eyes Gold Flakes Opal Free
Skin:  Free Speerit Kimberly Aquamarine

Dress:  *+*JILL*+* Gift CDD  Free
Bracelets:  *+*JILL*+* Bracelets Free
Skin:  Bebae Delilah Cinna Current Group Gift  (in group notices) Free
Eyes:  Poetic Color Eyes Gold Flakes Opal Free
Necklace:  Inca Temple Lovely Heart Necklace  Free 
Hair:  Magika Betty II Black B  Former Gift

Dress:  *+*JILL*+* Gift RD  Free
Hair:  ETD Cutsie Scarlet Blackened 
Earrings:  Primalot Dollarbie Best Friends Earrings  1L
Eyes:  Poetic Color Eyes Gold Flakes Opal  Free
Skin:  Free Speerit Kimberly Aquamarine

 Poses in all pics:  KSCreation Poses  5L per set

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