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Seldom Blue about ::Genesis::

UPDATE!  Ryker is giving out the Glitterati makeup in all skin tones TODAY ONLY!  SO RUN!!!!!!!!!! 
Tuesday, April 28th

Get it here! 

Ryker Beck of ::Genesis:: very kindly dropped a copy of her new skin line on me…thank you, Ryker!  The skin line has just been released and I have to say that Ryker has done a really nice job on this skin.

I LOVE the body on this skin.  The skin has a very soft sheen and nice highlighting and shading.  It seems very soft and creamy…just a lovely body.   Here are two body shots, and you can see the nicely defined collar bones and belly and that it has an adorable belly button.  I am showing the Peach skin tone, which I think is a lovely sunkissed tone…just the right amount of tan. 

I am showing 3 of the eight makeups.  This is Spring Reign, Redgrave and Black Rose.  The Spring Reign is my favorite of the makeups.  I really like the blush on these skins.  Very fresh and dewy.  The eyebrows are a very nice shape, and the lips are sexily pouty.

More body shots…again, you can see the nice highlighting…I took off my bikini top but edited the private bits so as not to offend anyone.  ;p  The nipples are a tad small, but very nicely defined.  I LOVE the back and butt.  The shoulder blades are extremely well done and I love the dimples on the lower back!  I don’t know if I have seen that done in SL before.  And I have dimples there in RL, so I thought this was a very nice touch. 

So head down and try out some demos.  I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Skin:  ::Genesis:: Candace Skin Peach Tone shown in Spring Reign, Redgrave and Black Rose
Bikini:  Badoura Design Jane  (under stairs in shop)  1L

And now, because I have to cover some freebies…always…
Seldom Blue just released a new gown and have a version available for 1L for a limited time.  This gown is lovely, so you must run and pick it up.  It is not available at the main store, however…you must get it at this SLurl. *Please note…updated coordinates and instructions below.

Gown: Seldom Blue Sexy Stella Gown 1L only at this location
Hair:  ETD Nadia, Airy and Keri Black

Apparently the sim is not letting you direct link to this location.  The coordinates are 225/167/23

You can also go here Seldom Blue Main Store and click on the sign with the picture of the dress, and it will give you the LM that goes direct to the store.
Sorry about that!

  1. Renee Harvy
    April 28, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Dang it! I logged out before I checked the blog. I want that dress baaaaad.

  2. April 28, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Followed the link but could not find the dress 😦

  3. Gabby McCullough
    April 28, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Hi Prisqua…apparently that sim is not letting anyone do direct landmarks. I added the coordinates to the post and also a link to the main store. If you click on the sign at the main store, it will give you the LM for the dress.
    My apologies! I hate when you can’t direct link. *shakes fist*

  4. May 8, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Hi girls,

    just a quicky to say we’ve just opened a new store on a new SIM (sxy2nd SIM) and therefore wanted to entice people over to the new sim. That is why you come to our main shop first and then get the link to tp over to the new store, that way you see the best of what we have to offer at both stores!
    Indigoblue Dagostino
    Eternity Brides & Seldom Blue

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