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Head down to caLLiefornia

There is a sale going on at Callie Cline with items marked down to 33L, 66L and 99L.  You have to find them though.  I spent quite a long time at the store this morning hovering over every item to find those 33L things!  I ended up finding quite a few cute things I wanted to show you. 

First up are 2 dressses: 
The first one, called “Wild Cat”, I think is very different and cute, and is on sale for 66L.  I added a jacket layer belt, which is for sale in the same room as the dress for 55L.   This belt will be a very versatile piece.  The “Triple Strand Skull Necklace” is from DECO, and is on sale right now for 1L, only at the location this SLurl leads to.  Yes, those are little tiny skulls, not beads.  ;p  The hair is by KSCreations and you get 6 colors for only 10L!  Check out her pose packs, which are only 5L, while you are there.

The purple dress, called Tarty Party, was also 66L.  This dress has an optional zipper, and I also added the belt to this look.  The hair is by ETD and is 100L for all color packs in the discount section.  There are a lot of new hairs in the discount section, as well as a couple new dollarbies,  so it is worth the trip to check them out.  The necklace is by WRONG and is a former hunt gift. 

The jeans in this next look are only 33L.  There are quite a few pair of jeans for 33L if you look around.  I added the new Magika Subscribomatic gift hair to this look.  When you sign up for the new subscribo you get this hair in both black and blonde, plus you get to free up one of those coveted 25 group spaces!  The vest is from Cupcakes and was part of the Easter Hunt.  I put an Armidi tank under it, and added Maitreya Bloom boots to complete this look.

These pants are called “rebel rebel” and were only 25L!  I added a vest which is a group gift from :sey and one of the new dollarbie hairs from ETD, called Kiley II.  The tank is from Sn@tch, the necklace from Edge Grafica and the boots are a former Group Gift from J’s.  This look is WAY out of the box for me, but I ended up liking it very much.

Lastly is this very pretty pink gown, called “Dressing Venus”, which is 99L.  This gown is nicely detailed, and comes with the gloves, which have prim button details, and there is also a prim button detail on the bodice.  (I didn’t add a necklace because of the attachment point of the buttons…I am sure I could have found one eventually that didn’t take the buttons off, but I got tired of looking. ;P )

I don’t know how long this sale is continuing, so if you might want to hurry and take a look!

All the details:
1st pic:
Dress:  caLLie cLine Wild Cat Dress Seafoam 66L
Belt:  caLLie cLine fat belt black  55L 
Hair:  KSCreations Annah Copper 10L for 6 colors
Necklace:  DECO Triple Strand Skull Necklace 1L for limited time 

Dress:  caLLie cLine Tarty Party Grape 66L
Hair:  ETD Eglantine Black Purple Now in Discount Section 100L for All Blacks and Whites Pack
Necklace:  WRONG Beaded Cross Necklace   

2nd pic:
Jeans:  Callie Cline Jeans – Lime Scribble Wash 33L
Vest:  Cupcakes Underbust Vest (Dark Jean)  From Easter Hunt  0L
Tank:  Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank Beige 
Hair:  Magika Vanish Black B  Subscribo Gift 0L
Boots:  Maitreya Bloom Boots Black
Necklace:  [Hacka] Charity Choker (no longer available, or search is borked)

3rd pic:
Pants:  Callie Cline rebel rebel reds 25L 
Tank:  Sn@tch BoyBeater White  
Vest:  :sey R & D Vest Group Gift 0L
Necklace:  Edge Grafica 09 Choker oval Black  0L
Boots:  J’s Engineer Boots Former Gift 0L
Hair:  ETD Kiley II Black 1L (new freebie in discount area)

4th pic:
Gown:  Callie Cline Dressing Venus (rose) 99L
Hair:  Armidi The Soho Sangria

  1. April 24, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    awww i love your styling and im glad you found the sale! i’ve had sl issues and haven’t been able to mark the stuff down… lol thanks again you look great!

  2. Gabby McCullough
    April 24, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Thank you! Great items in your sale! How long will it be going, btw?

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! 🙂 🙂

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