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I got lucky this morning!

No.  Not like that.  Get your minds out of the gutter. 

Magika has put 3 new hairs on their Lucky Chairs and Zara managed to win all 3!  Woot!  They are very nice and 2 of them come with a color change band.  If you have been reading my posts at all, you know I heart color change very much.  ;p

The first one I won was ‘Spring’ in Red E.  I usually wear red so I was pretty happy about that.  It is a totally cute ponytail style, and I love the little barrette accent holding the bangs back.   Which I just noticed you can’t see very well in the pics…but it is there, trust me. 😐   The band has 8 color change options.

View from the other side and the back:

I was hovering above the crowd thinking that another Z was unlikely to come up.  But somehow I got a feeling and was clicking on the middle chair as the previous letter was being rewarded.  Next letter…Z!  \YAY/   This time I won ‘Zen’ in Blonde B.  This is a great hippy style hair, and I am showing 3 of the other color change options.

So then I am home trying on some stuff and another Z gets called!  I am half dressed!  No pants!  No shoes!  I find some pants, who knows what they were, and tp’d over as fast as I could!   And I won the 3rd style, Laura in Brown C.   I never wear brown hair, but look!  This hair takes a red tint very nicely!   If you are going to try to tint, please be sure to make a copy first.  Just in case it turns out green.  ;p

The other cool thing I got this morning is this hoodie, by Atomic.  If you are in the Atomic VIP group, this should have been sent out.  I was in world, but did not receive it, but someone mentioned it in the group chat so I went looking for it.  If you are not in the group, there is a 250L join fee.  I was lucky and was in the group before the join fee started. 

I like this hoodie a lot, and I am not usually a hoodie wearer.  The textures and shading are excellent.  The hood itself is a great sculpt and the sculpts on the lower arms and wrists add a nice touch.  And the rib cage on the front is fairly creepy but somehow in a good way. ;p

So, overall, a good SL morning.  Now I needs to go do some real stuffs.  sigh. 

Magika Spring Red E  – Lucky Chair Prize
Magika Zen Blonde B – Lucky Chair Prize
Magika Laura Brown C – Lucky Chair Prize

 Atomic Canary Hoodie Group Gift 250L join fee   

  1. Slim Douchebag
    April 22, 2009 at 10:13 am

    Nice, but i don’t think i would go well with those ponytails. Anyway, get your “I” online to collect some bootyshots 😉

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