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artilleri, Truth and Church of Luxe at the Gnubie Store!

Who knew?!  Well, someone did, cuz I saw a notice.  ;p  But how cool is that?  There are already some great designers at the Gnubie Store and these are great additions so new users and old users alike can try out some of their great designs for free!  Very generous of the designers!

I picked just a few things to show, there is a lot more stuff to check out than what I can show here. 

My favorite things I found are these two dresses by /artilleri/.  I think these are both adorable!  And if pink isn’t your color, the first dress comes with, I think, 5 different color top options.

Pink Flowered Dress:  /artilleri/ beatha available at the Gnubie Store 
Hair:  ETD Deidra Scarlet Blackened 
Necklace:  Eolande’s Basic Essentials Delicate Pearl Necklace

Pink Dress:  /artilleri/ jennae available at the Gnubie Store
Hair:  Slink Ashley Dark Reds
Necklace:  Insolence Jaime Red Beaded 
Skin:  Belleza Peace on Earth Hunt Gift



/artilleri/ is known for their retro designs, and for this look, I actually mixed two of the outfits available at the Gnubie store.   Well, actually, Perion helped me, cuz I was having trouble finding accessories n’ stuff.  Thanks, P.  ❤

Pants:  /artilleri/ fererra highwaist pants from the Gnubie Store
Top:  /artilleri/ miss degregorio top from Chacha Outfit available at the Gnubie Store
Shoes:  Jimmy Chau surudoi Red
Bracelet:  Earth Jewel Valentine Bangle
Hair:  ETD Nicole Crimson Burnt








Church of Luxe also has several outfits there, including this adorable Little Black Dress. 

 Dress:  Church of Luxe The LBD  available at the Gnubie Store
Hair:  Detour Luna Black
Skin:  Redgrave Jennifer Smoky3  (skin used in all the pics except for in the Jennae dress pic)

I love the band under the bust on this dress. 







Truth has several nice things out also.  There are a couple pairs of shoes for the guys which I am sure the new guys are going to really appreciate!  The shoes in the freebie places for guys absolutely suck!  I insist that you bring any noob men here for shoes!
Also, there is a dress for the girls, and these shoes.

And there are several Tees, which are more for the guys, but I am showing them on Zara.  They are really nicely textured and come in all layers.  There will be no more excuses for badly dressed noobs!!

Shoes:  Truth Newtown Wedge [nightshade] and Truth Bootielicious [coral]  at the Gnubie Store
Tees:  Truth Tshirt [blood] and [silver] at the Gnubie Store
Jeans:  Malt Loose Fit Denim  
Hair:  ETD Tasha Scarlet Blackened

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