ZOMG Shoes!!

and boots.  and maybe a little jewelry.  I heart random posts!  

All free or close to free though!  \YAY/

Above are 2 pair of super cute flats available for free from 50 Flats.  I never used to wear flats in SL but they are getting so darn cute, I just can’t help myself now!
50 Flats – Jeweled Ice and Ballet Rose (both on the ends of the displays, near the Lucky boards)  Free

You can get ALL FOUR pair of these boots for 40L at +DV8+ if you get enough people to mob the Riot Vend with you.  What a steal!!  They are really hot…the pic is sorta small cuz I had to get all four pair in, but really…they are very well done!
Boots:  +DV8+ Midnight Mania for all 4 pair.  MM gets down to 40L.  Persephone in Merlot and Aquanaught and Eliminator in Merlot and Aquanaught 

The above shoes are all free or nearly free.
Purple Pumps:  R2 “Malama” Opening Gift at =L+R+W=   Free 
Pumps:  SKGShoes Peeptoe Pump in Slate Blue 5L Weekly deal 
Sandals:  PixelFashion Sally in White Free until 4/24  (tp to shoe department, they are towards the back)

I saw this necklace on Shopping Cart Disco and ran over to pick it up.  I really like it, it fits and hangs very nicely.   When you land, turn left, it is on the first pillar.  There is also a male necklace there for free on the same pillar. 
Inca Temple Lovely Heart  Free

While I was there, I picked up the freebie box at the landing point.  This Lolita chain was in it.  I liked it very much, but it attached to your chin, so it moved when your head moved.  I moved the attachment point to spine, and now I love it!  I don’t have much gold jewelry, so this is a great free addition to my jewelry wardrobe. 
The hair is a group gift from DrLife.  There are also some skins and some jewelry there as group gifts also. 
Necklace : Inca Temple Jewelry Lolita Chain (changed to Spine location) (in gift box at landing point)  Free
Hair:  DrLife Group Gift Free

That’s it for me for today.  I gots a headache from finding all those SLurls.  *cries*


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