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Ornamental Life Sale

I don’t even know where I saw this notice…someone sent it…and I thank whoever that was.  *rolls eyes at myself*  But anyway, there is a Spring Sale going on at Ornamental Life and everything is 50% off.  I hadn’t heard of Ornamental Life until I went to the Relay for Life Clothing Fair…they had a couple nice freebies and I saw that their stuff is very well done.  When I heard there was a sale, I headed right over and picked up a few things.  Most items are between 50-100L. 

I love this red jeweled accent top, called Anni Telling Stories.  I think I am going to go back and pick it up in another couple of colors actually.  I like the sheer layer of top in the middle, Summer Feels Wee, this will be very versatile for summer.  And the corset, Remembering Chloe, comes with panties and hose.  Everything comes is all layers, so these will also be great for mix and match.  Also, the names of the clothing are very creative and fun.

For only 100L you can get these Back To Basics Tshirt/Tank sets.  You get all 4 styles, in all layers.  This comes in a bunch of colors, and my instinct was to pick the red.  😐  I went against my instincts just to show you all a different color for once!  Go me!  \yay/

There is a whole room of lingerie and bathing suits, but I didn’t get any.  I mean, how often do you wear a bathing suit in SL?  I have a ton of them, and I just never wear them.  But if you spend a lot of time on the SL beach, you should check it out! 

Now, to keep with my usual freebie theme, there are a couple freebies available in the store also. 

Both of these tops are free.  I love the white one…this will also be a very versatile piece for summer.  The skirt is not free, but is only 65L .  

The details:
Ornament Life  items, shown in order:
Jeweled T:  Anni Telling Stories-Cabernet Sauvignon 
Layered top:  Summer Feels Wee-Sweet Juice
Corset:  Remembering Chloe-Resurgam
Tanks/Tees:  Back to Basics-Velvet Eve
White Tank:  Lark Whistle Free
Skirt:  Fiddler-Teardrop
Tank:  Spacecat Free

Other stuff:
Jeans:  WOE Caela Jeans Lead 
Necklace:  .:DbNR:. Double Heart Necklace 1L 
Bracelet:  Glowing Gems Ann Color Change
Hair:  ETD Jackie Black
Sandals:  Shiny Things Supernovas White

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